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Eco-volunteering and citizen science

Our programs of action to preserve biodiversity

eco-volunteering L'eco-volunteering is a participatory and inclusive mode of travel. As qu'écovolontaire, you help concretely a biodiversity conservation program by joining a professional team and participating in their daily work: monitoring animal behavioral studies, health care, environmental education ...
citizen science Cybelle Mediterranean a participatory science program that brings together observations of marine species in the Mediterranean (cetaceans, fish, turtles ...). These are reported to us by volunteer boaters and volunteers on board our shipments at sea. The dataset is freely shared on OBSenMER and contributes to numerous scientific studies and publications.
logo OBSenMER OBSenMER is a network of collectors and data users at sea who share tools: a mobile application, a web platform, a database, and a photo-identification tool. Cybelle Planète administers OBSenMER on the Mediterranean Sea area, other structures do the same in Channel, Atlantic, West Indies, ....

Cybelle Méditerranée

Cybelle Méditerranée

Cybelle Mediterranean program

The Cybelle Mediterranean program is open to anyone wishing to share their marine animal encounters while out at sea. Simple and free tools are available to the largest number so that we can all help protect the Mediterranean . Learn More


OBSenMER is a package of innovative tools for the study of the wide Biodiversity. This is a free mobile application, for everyone, an online data-sharing platform, to enhance the best of all the information transmitted to us. Learn More
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Tools at your disposal

An identification sheet and a user guide are at your disposal to accompany you in your observations offshore. They are at your disposal! You can download them for free More information.