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Presentation of the association

Cybelle Planète is an association of "PARTICIPATORY ECOLOGY. The association was created in 2005. We wish to offer everyone the opportunity to be able to take concrete action in favor of biodiversity.

Purpose of the association (extract of the bylaws)

The association Cybelle Planète is an association of participatory ecology. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The main lines of action of the association are:
• The "eco-volunteering,
• The citizen science,
• Raising awareness and educating citizens to the environment and its protection,
• Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.

Legal information :

Cybelle Planète, Association law 1901

Address : Building "Le Janus", 8 street of Troyes, 34750 Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, La France

SIREN : 489 707 174

Insurance contract No. 3100988 subscribed to MAIF

Travel Operator: Registration IM034100008 - Financial Guarantee GROUPAMA n ° 4000711995

Labels and charters

logoecovolontariat French definitive round white backgroundEthical Charter of Ecovolunteers

Cybele Planète is a signatory to the ethical charter of eco-volunteering Issued by the Collectif Francophone de l'Ecovolontariat

2010, International Year of Biodiversity

The United Nations has proclaimed 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, to alert public opinion on the status and consequences of the decline of biodiversity in the world. France responds to this call by declaring biodiversity, a major cause for 2010!

Cybelle Planète has been labeled "2010, International Year of Biodiversity" by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea.

2011, European Year of Volunteering and Volunteering

In 2011, all the States of the European Union celebrate the European Year of Volunteering and Volunteering. By decision 2010 / 37, the year 2011 was proclaimed by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament "European Year of Voluntary Activities for the Promotion of Active Citizenship". The European Commission has developed a program to celebrate European Volunteers and Volunteers in 2011 and promote these forms of engagement.

Cybelle Planète has been awarded the "2011, European Year of Volunteering and Volunteering" by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Community Life for its participatory science program Cybelle Mediterranean.