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Cybelle Mediterranean program - copyright Arnal

Cybelle Méditerranée is a participatory science program at sea.

logo CybelleMediterranee 16x9 400pxThe Mediterranean has been Cybelle 2009 program. He is interested in the wide species: whales, rays, sharks, fish, turtles and jellyfish. Follow the animals that live off the coast requires time and significant logistics; means that unfortunately often fail to research laboratories. Moreover, the lack of accessibility and the fact that the species are migratory make this biodiversity is poorly known.

Participation comments boaters is a simple and effective way to increase the number of data and increase our knowledge of the biodiversity of the sea. With scientific partner teams, methods have been put in place so as to be applicable to all and without training.

The data is retrieved online ( Or via themobile OBSenMER and are added to a collective database. This information is collected on the Mediterranean Sea from 2009.

This project is long term and can observe large-scale changes in marine biodiversity and to better understand the impact of global changes (climate, etc.) on the Mediterranean ecology. This monitoring of the "state of health" of the Mediterranean Sea contributes greatly to its preservation and to the education of its users.

Several scientific publications use data collected by our contributors.

NB: Why Cybelle Méditerranée is not an inventory? Species inventories are among the methods used in participatory science. The data gathered will make it possible to make a qualitative and quantitative inventory of the environment studied at a given moment and will not allow to monitor its evolution over the long term.

The Cybelle Méditerranée program is open to all, whether you are a pleasure craftsman, a seafaring professional, a representative of an association, an NGO or a local authority.

Contribution to a participatory network: OBSenMER

Since 2015, the Cybelle Planète association has been involved in the construction of a participatory network and data collection and management tools: OBSenMER. Cybelle Planète administers this network over the whole Mediterranean Sea. Learn more about OBSenMER

The Cybelle Méditerranée program is part of the OBSenMER network, and as such, all the information collected at sea by our contributors is stored there. We are thus contributing to this vast collective project.

Data collection for the Cybelle Méditerranée program is carried out using the OBSenMER tools (mobile application and dedicated website), and each contributor has a private On this same site, you can manage your information and data, and see the data collected by the entire community.

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