Do you have a boat? Do you regularly go out at sea? Maybe you have already seen animals off the coast? It is not uncommon to do this kind of meeting in Mediterranean waters, where wildlife is very rich. Fin whales, sperm whales, dolphins, are the most frequently observed cetacean. It is also common to see the fin of a moon fish, tuna or a turtle!

Know that beyond the pleasure of this type of meeting offshore, you can do more: 


Become an observer Cybelle Planète!

Make yourself at sea observations without special training. To participate as a contributor, you must:

1- Register online on or via the OBSenMER application (then complete your online profile if necessary),

2- Get the app OBSenMER (iOS and Android) before going to sea and connect, then enter your observations directly on the spot. Or, if you do not have a smartphone, write down the references of your observation (GPS point, date, time, species, number ...); When you return on shore, you will be able to enter your observations online or send them to us.

3- Download The User's Guide and the Species Board, they will be very useful!

Become ecovolunteer!

Participate on a sailboat the 3 (expert) level data collection, supervised by an eco-guide. Cybelle Planet organizes every summer expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pelagos sanctuary for marine mammals. 

The missions last seven to ten days in sailing, and are supervised by a scientific guide and a skipper. No special skills are required to participate.

Thousands of naturalistic information is harvested every year aboard our expeditions!



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