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Cybelle Mediterranean program - copyright Arnal

A participatory Science program at sea.

The Cybelle Méditerranée program allows all sea users, amateurs or professionals, to engage concretely for marine fauna (cetaceans, sea turtles, rays and sharks, etc.).

logo CybelleMediterranee 16x9 400pxThis program aims to:

  • Create a committed community : boaters or professionals of the sea, schools of sails, nautical clubs, teammates on shipments at sea.
  • Propose adapted observation protocols : from beginner to expert naturalist. Taking into account the observation effort
  • A photo-identification catalog of cetaceans : freely shared with the scientific community
  • Shipments at sea Every year, several weeks are organized to collect expert data.
  • Promote citizen data : through scientific analysis and partnerships

All collectors for marine species

A simple boater or expert naturalist, everyone can contribute by telling us his observations of animals at sea.

Boaters: a major asset: Participation of boaters in the observations is a simple and effective way to increase the number of data and increase our knowledge of offshore biodiversity. With the scientific teams partners, data collection methods have been put in place so as to be applicable to all and without training.

Ecovolunteers : crews aboard our sailboats to conduct expert-level sea-level data collection campaigns. Learn more about campaigns

A shared database

All the information collected at sea constitutes a freely shared database with the scientific community and managers. This information helps to better understand the animals living offshore and thus better assess the measures to be put in place to protect them

The data is retrieved online ( Or via themobile OBSenMER and are added to a collective database. This information is collected on the Mediterranean Sea from 2009.

Map of observations collected by the Cybelle Méditerranée program

The results

Several scientific publications use data collected by our contributors.

The updated observation map is visible on the web platform

A participatory program dedicated to the public good

The Cybelle Méditerranée program is part of a participatory approach in which everyone can freely take part in the preservation of marine life on the open sea.

Linear logo OBSenMERThe association Cybelle Planète is co-founder of OBSenMER, a participative network and tools for collecting and managing data. Cybelle Planète administers this network throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Learn more about OBSenMER

The Cybelle Méditerranée program is part of the OBSenMER network, and as such all information collected at sea by our contributors is stored and shared freely.

Data collection for the Cybelle Méditerranée program is carried out using the OBSenMER tools (mobile application and dedicated website), and each contributor has a private On this same site, you can manage your information and data, and see the data collected by the entire community.