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A participatory Science program at sea.

The Cybelle Méditerranée program enables all sea users, whether amateurs or professionals, to make a practical commitment to Mediterranean marine species: cetaceans, marine turtles, rays and sharks, etc.

All collectors for marine species

Simple boater, professional sea or naturalist expert, everyone can contribute by telling us his sightings of animals at sea.

It is also possible to participate in the program aboard one of our sailboat expeditions and thus collect expert information framed by an eco-guide

protocols 3 adapted observation protocols

Whether you are a beginner or an expert naturalist, your observations are of interest to us and can fit perfectly into the program's database.

mobile devices An easy-to-use collection tool

The OBSenMER mobile application allows you to report in a few seconds an observation of an animal at sea: cetaceans, sharks, rays, sea turtles, fish ...

BDDA freely shared database

All information gathered at sea since 2009 is collected in a database that is freely shared with the scientific community.


A participatory program

The Cybelle Méditerranée program is part of a participatory approach in which everyone can freely take part in the preservation of marine life on the open sea.

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The program 11 issues

1 - Why do we need all of you?

Long-term monitoring of biodiversity requires, among other things, manpower, time, material and financial resources ... which can very quickly prevent further research! Participatory sciences that involve citizens are today one of the best solutions. The means are multiplied with the number of participants and this collective contribution makes it possible to obtain databases that would be almost impossible to have otherwise.

The information in our program are collected at sea only through the contribution of boaters and teammates. This program simply can not exist without you!

2 - Why do you have to participate in this science program?

Firstly because it's fun and rewarding!

Moreover, because it is up to all of us to participate in the development of a better, sustainable, and living world! Safeguarding biodiversity, including marine biodiversity, depends on it!

Finally, your observations will feed a collective database and contribute concretely to the advancement of knowledge on marine species and their environment.

3 - Is your contribution to the project useful?

YES: The contribution of the boaters is essential for the success of the project. Throughout the year, they go out to sea and observe the fauna. Often they are the first to notice a new phenomenon or a significant environmental change. They are therefore true sentinels of changes in marine biodiversity.

Cybelle Méditerranée works in close collaboration with research laboratories, which monitor and analyze the data. Other specialists also regularly interview our database.

4 - What (s) return (s) can you expect of Cybelle Méditerranée program?

Cybelle Méditerranée is a link between scientists and amateurs. We are committed to publish the results of scientific analyzes as they become available. It is important to understand that only a large database can give rise to scientific analyzes and results. Thus the results always arrive with a little delay compared to the start of the program. Analyzes and results depend on how much data you collect!

5- I have a small boat, can I participate?

YES. The information at sea is terribly missing regardless of the distance from the coast. Our methodologies are planned to adapt from the seaside to the open sea, and to all types of navigation.

6 - Is it possible to apply the methods outside the French coast?

YES. All information collected is of great interest to us. Cybelle Méditerranée aims to follow the evolution of biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

7 - Participate in the program he takes time?

NO: It only takes a few minutes to capture your observations. Protocols adapt to all. The OBSenMER mobile application allows you to send us your observations directly from your boat and in less than a minute! The transfer to the database is automatic.

The protocol "Observations at punctual sea" from a boat takes only a few minutes and is aimed at a novice user. The protocol "Observations at sea with effort" requires more investment, for confirmed users since the observation effort must be at least 15 min.

8 - I do not have a mobile phone, can I participate?

YES. If you do not have a smartphone, you can enter your point observations online on Data entry is done directly on a simple form.

9 - Is my contribution free?

YES. The contribution of each, amateur or scientific contributor, is completely free.

That said, Cybelle Mediterranean program needs funds. To help us, beyond your observations, you can become a member ou make a donation.

10 - Who owns the data collected?

By submitting your observations to the Cybelle Méditerranée program, you automatically assign to the Cybelle Planète association a right of internal use and the right to be quoted as the source of the data. You remain author of your data and your nickname will remain associated with it.

Data collected by contributors is shared under the CC-BY-NC Creative Commons License. The principle adopted is that of the free circulation and disclosure of data in the interest of science and the public.

11 - Who is the mobile application and OBSenMER tablet?

The mobile application OBSenMER is for all boaters equipped with an 4G compatible smartphone or tablet. It allows to directly transmit the observations at sea to the database, without going through a computer. Totally free, it is available on iOS (AppStore) and Android (PlayStore).

Three levels of involvement are proposed, with two levels "general public" and one level "Expert" for naturalists collectors and managers of data on the marine fauna. Access to this level of expertise requires an 2G Air Ipad 4G.