Cradle of humanity, historical heritage and natural wealth, the Mediterranean Sea is a part of us and it is up to us to offer a sustainable future. Biodiversity is not only the business of politicians and managers, but indeed of all citizens. Everyone can, at their level, help to better understand and understand the issues, and better protect species and ecosystems. It is our duty to preserve marine biodiversity and to commit ourselves to future generations.

Our mission in the Mediterranean Sea

- Allow everyone (from the boater to the expert naturalist) to act together for the Mediterranean marine marine fauna.
- Gather observations carried out at sea in a collective and freely shared database.

Our values

  • Eco-responsibility Each contributor or partner commits to exemplary behavior towards the marine environment,
  • Act together : Biodiversity specialists and users of the sea act together around a common goal: to preserve Mediterranean marine biodiversity.
  • Educate and train : Program participants, whatever their level, have an obligation to contribute and the right to have access to educational equity and to marine biodiversity awareness.
  • Giving free access to knowledge The information provided by Cybelle Mediterranean will be available free and publicly. This includes information extension and databases.
  • The independence :
    • The contribution and expertise of scientists will be independent of any ideological context and / or economic.
    • members of the scientific and educational commissions are selected independently of any relationship with potential funders or business partners.
    • Any moral and / or financial support or other partnership relationship will be clearly stated.

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