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Participatory science Sea

What is Participatory Sciences?

This is the contribution of citizens to the advancement of knowledge. Scientific research and management of nature requires time and financial resources which unfortunately missing. The voluntary involvement of citizens is a practical and great support that collects information on the long term and large scale. citizen science programs are usually worn by mediating associations between citizens and biodiversity professionals.

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Become observer!

Do you have a boat? / Do you regularly go out to sea? / You may have already met the animals off the coast?

It is not uncommon to do this kind of meeting in Mediterranean waters, where wildlife is very rich. Fin whales, sperm whales, dolphins, are the most frequently observed cetacean. It is also common to see the fin of a moon fish, tuna or a turtle!

Know that beyond the pleasure that this type of meeting off, you can do more: know them better and better protect them.

How? By sharing your observations with Cybelle Mediterranean, a citizen science program at sea by the association Cybelle Planet. Learn more about this program.

The information collected by boaters are emphasized in programs scientific research and conservation of the offshore wildlife. This has already helped develop concrete proposals for managing animal populations, and also helps to better understand the evolution of biodiversity in the face of global change.