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EXPERTS training

The expert level protocol is only available to observers with proven naturalistic competence, such as naturalist associations and scientists. Expert level data is intended to be processed at the same level as professionally collected data, which implies full compliance with the associated protocol and good knowledge of the tool (OBSenMER expert tablet and app).

Expertise Observers

Using the expert level (3) requires a level of expertise proved in collecting data at sea. Access to the expert level must be validated by theA director of a OBSenMER area (As Cybelle Planet for the Mediterranean area), depending on the viewer profile. This validation is performed according to several criteria to be taken into account according to the person's profile:

  • THEField experience Structure or observer, in particular for the observation and collection of sea data for mammals, turtles, rays and sharks, and pelagic fish,
  • Le level of education Structure or observer,
  • La participation in specific training To the collection of data at sea.

Personalized training

Before you can use the expert mobile application at sea, future users must read the protocol and take charge of the app. mobile. A member of Cybelle Planet gives them a quick training adapted to the structure and level of future users. This free training can be organized directly, do not hesitate to contact us!

Annual training

Cybelle Planète organizes since 2009 a training for the eco-guides that frame the expert level data collection. For those who wish to take further training on the use of the Expert mobile application and the OBSenMER Mediterranean Expert Protocol. We have trained more than 40 Expert level data collectors. Today, we are putting our experience to the benefit of OBSenMER contributors expert level.

Duration : 1 day and a half

Periodicity Annual (February-March)

Participation free, on registration

Public : Amateur and professional naturalists, ecoguides ...

The primary objective of the training: Experts have Contributors formed to ensure a scientifically reliable data collection.
During two days of intense training, participants learn the B BA expert observer remain attentive to detail, detect behaviors, be strict and follow a specific protocol, and all this with respect for animals encountered. Céline Arnal, Doctor of Oceanography and Director of Cybelle Planet takes charge of transmitting experience and knowledge to those present.
Beyond the scientific method, participants learn to use offshore collection tools and tablet app. OBSenMER Expert, parametric binoculars, camera for photo-identification, hydrophone ... The observations of sea animals can be stealth, they will use these metrics and collection quickly and accurately!

Researchers can also intervene during the training. In 2017 and 2018 we welcomed Jacques Sacchi, RTMMF for sea turtles, and Léa David from EcoOcéan Institute for Cetaceans. Their interventions allow the audience to better understand the main issues for these protected species and to which questions the OBSenMER data can respond.
If you want more information on training, Contact us !

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