Observer application

The mobile application OBSenMER

To report your observations at sea in seconds

Have you seen cetaceans, turtles, stingrays or offshore pelagic fish? Tell us ! OBSenMER is a free application available for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

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Home OBSenMER Get 169x300With OBSenMER, you can:

  • Report your observations:
    • Observation point to report your opportunistic encounters
    • Observation with effort, a careful watch while browsing and see you or crossed animals during this effort.
    • Observation level Expert: accessible only for identified experts collectors.
  • Identify The animals through the identification guide,
  • Learn to recognize the species studied,
  • find All your past observations,
  • And the Share on social networks!

observation effort included

Opportunistic data collection (one-off observations) makes it possible, at best, to know the species richness of an area and the presence (and not the absence) of the listed species. This gives only a limited idea of ​​local biodiversity.

The OBSenMER application is the first mobile application of participatory marine sciences that helps to identify animals taking into account the observation effort. This technology makes it possible to collect much richer and more relevant information for Science because it gives an idea of ​​the abundance or the density of the species in a studied area.

In practice this consists of recording all the observations made during a careful watch. From 15 minimum minutes, this effort of observations can last all the duration of the navigation.

effort monitoring

Expert Level for experienced naturalists

The application has a version dedicated to expert naturalists. Access to this version of OBSenMER is possible under certain conditions:

> Be affiliated with an expert naturalist structure in OBSenMER: Access to a structure Expert application is not automatic it requires validation of the Administrator of your area. This component is only accessible to trained data collectors: eco-volunteer associations, naturalists, professional, scientific ...

> Have an iPad : The expert level mobile app is only available on an IPAD with GPS / 4G (cellular) option.

Once verified, you'll need to update your OBSenMER application on your iPad, an expert access appear in your menu. You can then make your observations at sea and collect your expert-level data!


>> See the general conditions of use of OBSenMER