The OBSenMER database

All the information transmitted by the contributors, via the mobile application, joins a database: OBSenMER. This database is thus fed by boaters, but also by associations, professionals, and other users of the sea ...
To promote the sharing and transfer of knowledge, the OBSenMER database within the field of "public goods". The goal is to serve the greatest number and really value the work of contributors.

See the general conditions of use of OBSenMER

public and private data

public program and public data

Information collected as part of a public program is freely shared under a Creative Commons by NC license (CC-by-NC). Public and common programs exist in different geographical areas. Structures may choose to contribute when they start their expert-level observations. They can also create their own program, or choose no program.

private program and private data

Some information may remain "private" when collected as part of a specific program for example. This means that they are only visible by their author and by their affiliation structure. The attribution of privacy to an observation can be done on one or more particular data, or on an entire expert-level collection campaign, as part of a private program. The data source structure can decide, when it wishes, to transform its private data into public data.

Protection of sensitive species

A large number of species monitored under OBSenMER are subject to protection measures at national, European and international level. Some are particularly sensitive to the inconvenience of boats or observers that are too "intrusive".
To limit the possible negative consequences that the display of information on the observation of these species might have, three measures have been implemented within OBSenMER:
1. comments sent to OBSenMER are displayed on the backoffice and on the cards after a delay of 24h,
2. observations sent to OBSenMER are displayed without precise GPS coordinates,
3. all comments sent to OBSenMER can become private and therefore confidential.

Use data

It is possible to access all OBSenMER public data, 1, 2 and 3 levels, after creating a Data User account.
The use of data, observations and photographs published in the database may be used under the Creative Commons by NC license
According to this license you are free to:

  • Share : Copy, distribute and transmit the data OBSenMER by all means and in all formats,
  • Adapter : Transform and create from OBSenMER data

Under the following conditions:

by nc

allotment You must cite the source of the data or images (structure) and OBSenMER, incorporate a link to the license and indicate if changes were made on the raw data. You must provide this information by all reasonable means, without suggesting that the source or OBSenMER structure supports you or supports the way you used data.

Noncommercial : You are not authorized to make any commercial use of data of OBSenMER, all or part of the hardware component.

For additional information, see the following links:

Executive summary of the Creative Commons license

Legal Code

Creative Commons Licenses

If private data

Data of a private nature do not fit into these conditions. They remain the sole property of the data source structure and respond to private use rights.

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