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OBSenMER Mediterranean

The network OBSenMER

Linear logo OBSenMEROBSenMER is a network of collectors and users of data on marine life and the environment. The tools developed by and for OBSenMER aim to help contributors to collect, store, access and share data on marine fauna. The network has been operational since 2017 and open to the whole community interested in marine wildlife.

Objectives of the network

  • Facilitate exchange and sharing Between data collectors (eg associations, individuals) and Data Users (eg researchers, managers, etc.)
  • valorize data collectors
  • Having a common, uniform database, and shared
  • Putting data collection tools freely available from the community.


OBSenMER is structured in geographical areas. Today it extends over: the Mediterranean Sea, Channel, Atlantic, Guyana, the West Indies, and represents thousands of observers at sea! Cybelle Planète network load for the Mediterranean Sea, Other structures administer the network on other geographical areas.

OBSenMER Mediterranean Zone

Who participates ?

OBSenMER to address both the general public and professional structures. To use OBSenMER, it is first necessary to open an account. Next involvement in the network, there are different types of accounts:

  • Deputy heads: This account refers to the structures at the initiative of OBSenMER project, namely Cybelle Planet and GECC. Deputy heads are responsible, within OBSenMER, development of new features, moderation and comprehensive management tools, such as applications, the back office, the database.
  • Administrators area : For each geographical area, an administrator is in charge of managing and moderating the participating structures, access to the expert level application, the database, general information, etc. The zone administrator undertakes to train and inform new users of OBSenMER and to enforce the conditions of use provided for the proper functioning of OBSenMER. Cybelle Planète is administrator for the Mediterranean Sea zone.
  • Data users: Data users have access to all public comments (free access) of OBSenMER network. This is most often researchers, managers, or those wishing to analyze their own data. The data user undertakes, upon registration and during export data to use OBSenMER data in compliance with copyright and seamlessly to the structures responsible for the data used.
  • The structures : The structures are organizations (associations, marine parks, DREAL, laboratories, etc.) that collect information at sea and / or gather information collected by observers affiliated to them. The inclusion of a new structure in OBSenMER must be validated by the administrator of the geographical area. This is also the zone administrator validates access to expert structures of its area. Each structure is itself governed by a Administrator structure and one or more structure members.
  • The observers : The observer participates in OBSenMER by reporting observations at sea via the mobile application or directly from the backoffice. When registering, the observer chooses an affiliation structure. However, if he does not wish to join a particular structure, he will automatically be attached to the administrative structure of the geographical area in which he collects the data.

Engagement of users and data use conditions

Each user who participates in OBSenMER is committed to respecting a certain number of points and respecting the conditions of use of the data. This includes:

  • The confidentiality of personal data,
  • Respect for copyrights and sharing of public data (CC-by-NC),
  • Transparency on the use of OBSenMER and data collected,
  • Compliance with protocols (methods) proposed.

See all of these commitments and conditions of use.

Users Guide

The protocols used

OBSenMER uses Mediterranean protocols of Cybelle Mediterranean program. They have widely proven since 2009 permi and have already collected hundreds of reliable and used by scientists.

Download The "Point Observation" protocol user's guide (1 level) and "Observation with Effort" protocols (level 2).

The OBSenMER tools

Several tools have been developed by Cybelle Planète and the GECC. They are freely available to all users of OBSenMER.

A mobile application which facilitates the collection of information at sea, from beginner to expert naturalist,

A database common and shared (for public data)

A Management website Datas,

A cataloging tool photo-identification of cetaceans (in development).