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OBSenMER Mediterranean

Cybelle Planet is a director of Mediterranean OBSenMER

Cybelle Planète manages and moderates OBSenMER for the Mediterranean area (extended to the Azores).

As such, Cybelle Planète is committed to:

  • To make known OBSenMER tools
  • Give access to the 3 level application (expert) to the Naturalistic Structures,
  • Former the new Mediterranean Sea Structures and Observers,
  • To accompany the Mediterranean Structures in their use of tools,
  • Validate the data non-expert structures,
  • Collect the needs developing tools, according to Structures programs,
  • Manage the operation tools, specific to the Mediterranean area, and moderate observations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Gather data collectors and value sharing 

Cybelle Planète has been involved since 2015 in the development of tools for collecting and sharing data on offshore fauna: OBSenMER, in partnership with the GECC. Since 2017, the tools are functional and freely shared with the rest of the community interested in marine fauna.

OBSenMER is structured into geographic areas, each area being managed by a local structure. Cybelle Planète is in charge of the network for the Mediterranean Sea, other structures administer the network in other geographical areas: Channel, Atlantic, West Indies, Guyana ...

22 Structures are engaged with OBSenMER Mediterranean Research laboratories, managers, foundations, naturalists or navigation associations.

The citizen science program, Cybelle Mediterranean, helps OBSenMER

Cybelle Planète also participates in the OBSenMER network as a Data Collecting Structure, thus, the Cybelle Mediterranean program shares its database with the entire OBSenMER community.
Boater or ecovolunteer contributors benefit from OBSenMER tools: the mobile application and the data management website www.obsenmer.org.
Cybelle Planète participates in the network as an Expert Structure. We apply the 3 (expert) level protocols during our shipments at sea.

The network OBSenMER

OBSenMER is a network of collectors and users of data on marine fauna and its environment. The tools developed by and for OBSenMER aim to help contributors collect, archive, consult and share data on marine life. The network is functional since 2017 and open to the entire community interested in marine life.

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