obsenmer website

Manage and view data on OBSenMER

Cybelle Planet and GECC have set up a web platform (backoffice) www.obsenmer.org Which gives users of OBSenMER access to different functionalities.

>> See the news Of the network,

>> View Public Data Collected by the OBSenMER community on a map Interactive (OBSenMER all users) or on a list Observations (all OBSenMER users),

>> Download (export) data (According to user profile),

>> Enter online observations Level 1 (point) or 2 (with effort),

>> Share comments On social networks,

>> Create a program Public or private,

>> View users affiliated with its structure and See other structures participating in the network,

>> Managing your information in profile.

See the general conditions of use of OBSenMER