the protocols

download the contributor's bookletThe protocols are simple, easy to use, and adapted to the level of knowledge of the contributors who apply them. They were considered to ensure that the information collected was scientifically reliable in order to draw conclusions. For the Cybelle Méditerranée program, three nautical protocols have been adopted. These have been tested and adapted as feedback from contributors and scientists, from 2009.

>> One-off observations (level 1) : For beginners, it allows, in simple sea trips, to quickly record and report the timely observation of the studied species in one place and at one time. This type of data is mainly used to know the distribution and richness of species in a particular area.

>> Observations with effort (level 2) : intended for experienced contributors, who during a period of navigation, will ensure an attentive watch and note the species encountered (or not). This protocol requires a little more attention from the contributor who will have to watch carefully for at least 15 minutes while the boat is sailing, in order to spot cetaceans and other offshore animals, even from a distance. This observation protocol, slightly more complex in its implementation than level 1, introduces the notion of “observation effort”. This makes it possible to assess the abundance of fauna in the area surveyed by the vessel: a very useful parameter for monitoring biodiversity.

>> Expert observations (level 3) : this protocol requires a trained and / or qualified guide on board, and applies the “transect” type counting methodology used by the researchers: 3 people looking 180 ° towards the front of the boat, vessel on regular course at 5 knots minimum, sea state less than 3 Beauforts,… It is only accessible to qualified data collectors: eco-volunteering associations, professionals, scientists… Thanks to the expert level of data collection, we can make available to scientists and managers of data quality and homogeneous. 

The application of 1 and 2 level protocols requires only little or no prior training special. A user guide is downloadable line and a wafer support in the identification of species.

The 3 level protocol (expert) requires the presence of a person trained and qualified on board to oversee the data collection. It is the latter thati is applied at the eco-volunteer expeditions organized by Cybelle Planet.

Under the proposed protocol, contributors must in all cases be aboard a ship. The collection of sea little information to take place either alone or in groups and organized manner.

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