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Cybelle Mediterranean program - copyright Arnal

Cybelle Planet and OBSenMER

Gather data collectors and value sharing

Cybelle Planète committed since 2015 in an extensive project data collector network: OBSenMER. OBSenMER was developed as part of a partnership between Cybelle Planète and GECC. The initial goal is to collect the largest number of observers and organizations working on the megafauna wide. Cybelle Planète and the GECC invested in developing tools and structuring the participatory network. Since 2017, the network is functional and freely shared with the rest of the community interested in marine fauna. We have structured the OBSenMER network in geographical areas, each zone being managed by a local structure.

Cybelle Planète network load for the Mediterranean Sea, Other structures administer the network on other geographical areas: Channel, Atlantic, West Indies, Guyana ...

This network is an innovative and unique project. It allows the entire community of users of the sea, private citizens and / or specialists and professionals to work together towards a common goal, namely the knowledge and protection of marine species and their environment.

Our commitments

Cybelle Planet is a director of Mediterranean OBSenMER

Cybelle Planet manages and moderates OBSenMER to the geographical Mediterranean (extended to the Azores). As such Cybelle Planet is committed include:

  • Manage and mitigate all of the tools OBSenMER, All users OBSenMER, and all of the OBSenMER database
  • Train and support new users of OBSenMER,
  • Make every effort, both financially and technically, to facilitate the smooth development of OBSenMER network
  • Respect the confidentiality of information to which the administrator has access, in particular: personal data, user files of OBSenMER, emails and passwords, as well as all public data,
  • Ensure the level of expertise of structures and observers Before giving them access to the 3 level application (expert).

The citizen science program, Cybelle Mediterranean, helps OBSenMER

Cybelle Planète participates in the OBSenMER network as a Data Collection Structure:
  • The Cybelle Mediterranean program is fully integrated into the network by sharing its database with the community.
  • For boater or ecovolunteer contributors benefit from OBSenMER tools : Mobile Application and Data Management Web Site
  • Cybelle Planet participates in the network as expert structure. We apply the 3 (expert) level protocols during our shipments at sea.

>> View the Terms of use and participation in OBSenMER