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Become an ambassador of Cybelle Planète!

You recently completed an eco-volunteering mission through the association Cybelle Planète. You have kept a very positive memory of your solidarity trip and would like to share your experience with those around you in order to raise awareness of this type of action?

Why not start with your work environment by helping your employer develop the eco-solidarity leave internally? This will allow, on the one hand, other employees to become ecovolunteers with the financial support of their employer, and on the other hand, the employer to develop its "CSR" policy.

Put on your eco-ambassador suit and introduce your employer and colleagues to the benefits and benefits of eco-solidarity leave with the simple tools we've created for you!

Some useful tips for setting up an eco-solidarity leave in your company

Find the right interlocutor

According to the employer: private or public company, association ..., the interlocutors are not the same. Here are some ways to guide your efforts: human resources department, responsible for happiness at work, responsible for sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR), Works Council, or Corporate Foundation.

Do not hesitate to give us the details of the person in charge in your company, we will contact her (in consultation with you) to discuss the terms of partnership of eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète.

Check if my employer does not already have an eco-solidarity leave partnership

If your employer has not concluded any eco-solidarity leave partnership with Cybelle Planète, you can suggest that it be set up and be the first employee to go through it.

If your employer already has a partnership of this type with another association, you can propose to develop one with Cybelle Planète. This convention is not exclusive and will have no impact on others!

Present Eco-solidarity holidays to your interlocutors

To help you in this process, we have developed simple tools to argue your eco-volunteering project and inform your employer of the benefits and advantages of eco-solidarity leave.


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download brochure

download slideshow

If the employer congratulates your approach and adheres to your project, what to do next?

Our eco-volunteering service is here to welcome you and provide you with the best information on eco-solidarity leave. To obtain more information and set up a sponsorship partnership agreement with your employer, simply contact Cybelle Planète either via our online contact form, or by phone at 04 67 64 25 60. 


=> Do you want to help us? Please send a message via the online contact form and choose "volunteerism and partnership" as an object.

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