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The Cybelle Planète team

permanent team

celine ARNAL

Céline ARNAL, Director and Founder of Cybelle Planète.

Doctor of Science, specializing in marine ecology and animal behavior, she is passionate about nature, and especially the sea. Convinced that the preservation of biodiversity is everyone's business, it engages Cybelle Planète and his team, since 2005, in an approach and participatory projects where the term CITIZEN ACTION makes sense. Scientific training, it brings to the association his know-how and scientific rigor and ethics necessary for the proper conduct of the programs.
shoshana DENNING2

Shoshana DENNING BECHIER, eco-volunteering Coordinator.

Born in California to a French mother and an American father, Shoshana studied ecology and specifically agro-ecology and environmental education in educational farm. Passionate about travel and the environment, eco-volunteering is a subject particularly close to his heart.
Adventurer at heart, she loves to feel closer to the wilderness and take time to reconnect with her. She is also passionate about photography and painting. This makes 9 years she joined the team of Cybelle Planet.
anne maurel cybelle planet

Anne Maurel, Communication officer.

With a master's degree in English and a bachelor's degree in French as a foreign language, Anne worked in various sectors before specializing as a web editor in natural referencing and SEO optimization.
Passionate about nature and hiking, she loves everything related to ecology, botany, permaculture, medicinal plants, health food. Protection of the environment and the living world are at the heart of its priorities.
Desiring to put more meaning into her professional actions, it is with enthusiasm that she joined the Cybelle Planète team in September 2020.


President : Armelle Heart of Steel
Secretary Pierre Trilles
Treasurer : Nicolas Courtois

Civic service

Marie Mauran

Marie Mauran, Cybelle Mediterranean Civic Service and eco-guide.

Recently graduated with a master's degree in marine biology and ecology, she has always been passionate about the marine world and more particularly about marine mammals. She loves to travel, discover other cultures and be surrounded by animals. Concerned about the protection and conservation of biodiversity and very attracted by the voluntary sector, it is for the involvement of all, young and old, in the preservation of nature. She thus joins the Cybelle planet team for a civic service on the Cybelle Mediterranean program.


Evelyne PIERRE B RoseEvelyne PIERRE, Office Volunteer
Beatrice BRINGUES PRANDO B RoseBeatrice BRINGUES PRANDO, Volunteer Office
Daphn DESTIEVAN B GreenDaphne DESTIEVAN, Volunteer Land
Evelyne CHAVENT B RoseEvelyne CHAVENT, Volunteer Office
Laetitia KLEIN B GreenLaetitia KEIN, Volunteer Land
Michel USDIN B GreenMichel USDIN, Volunteer Land
Michele IVARS B GreenMichelle IVARS, Volunteer Land
Richard STEINER B GreenRichard STEINER, Volunteer Land
Sylvain SIMON B GreenSylvain SIMON, Volunteer Land
Alice OLIVE ecoguideAlice OLIVE, Ecoguide
Amandine LAMBOT ecoguideAmandine LAMBOT, Ecoguide
Camille DELAGE ecoguideCamille DELAGE, Ecoguide
Celine JACQUES ecoguideCéline JACQUES, Ecoguide
Helene DE MERINGO ecoguideHélène DE MERINGO, Ecoguide
Juliette BALAVOINE ecoguideJuliette BALAVOINE, Ecoguide
Marie LARIVIERE ecoguideMarie LARIVIERE, Ecoguide
Solene LEBRETON ecoguideSolène LEBRETON, Ecoguide
Stephanie VIGETTA ecoguideStéphanie VIGETTA, Ecoguide
Margaux Chauvin ecoguideMargaux CHAUVIN, Ecoguide
Isabelle Jusserand B greenIsabelle JUSSERAND, volunteer Land
Claire ELOY B GreenClaire ELOY, Field and office volunteer
Lea Daures B RoseLéa DAURES, volunteer Office
Celia Losson ecoguideCélia LOSSON, Ecoguide
Anne Sophie Deconinck ecoguideAnne-Sophie DEKONINCK, Ecoguide
Nathan Teillet ecoguideNathan TELLIET, Ecoguide
Jeanne Claire Schnebelen B greenJeanne-Claire Schnebelen, volunteer Land
Marion Catala BenevoleMarion CATALA, volunteer Office
Alison REQUIER B pinkAlison REQUIER, volunteer office
Alexis DESPORTES B roseAlexis DESPORTES, volunteer Office
Aurlia CHANGING ecoguideAurélia CHANGING, Ecoguide
Karine NEDONCELLE ecoguideKarine NEDONCELLE, Ecoguide
Julie Aubourg ecoguideJulie AUBOURG, Ecoguide
Colin CURTIL ecoguideColin CURTIL, Ecoguide