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Participatory ecology

The biodiversity is not only about politicians and managers, but about all citizens. Our priority is to empower citizens to concretely engage with biodiversity; on the one hand by participating in a research or conservation effort in the field, and on the other hand by co-constructing the solutions and ethical limits in which the projects are inscribed.

Effort and citizen knowledge are a common good

Cybelle Planète programs are based on citizen participation. We have always been committed to ensuring that the contribution of citizens is recognized and valued.

Eco-volunteering, participatory travel

Many organizations, associations, NGOs ... dedicated to biodiversity are sorely lacking in financial and human resources to carry out their mission. Taking part in one of these projects, as an ecovolunteer, is a concrete way of acting for biodiversity. Cybelle Planète is today one of the first French structures specializing in eco-volunteering. We regularly select and evaluate eco-volunteering missions for which citizens have a concrete and indispensable utility for the survival of projects.

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Participatory Science

Participatory Science, or citizen science, offer citizens the opportunity to contribute to a research or biodiversity conservation project.
Cybelle Planète leads from 2007 a participatory science program in the Mediterranean Sea, to boaters and professionals of the sea. Cybelle Méditerranée is today one of the leading participatory science programs for monitoring marine marine fauna. The data collected as part of the Cybelle Méditerranée program, and thanks to the contribution of ecovolunteers and boaters, are shared freely and publicly. The best way, we believe, to move quickly for the preservation of marine species.

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Gather efforts around a common goal

A large-scale participatory effort to better preserve marine biodiversity! OBSenMER is a network of collectors and users of data on marine fauna and its environment. Cybelle Planète administers this network in the Mediterranean Sea making available to all, freely and without consideration, innovative collection tools (mobile application), a website to manage and view the data, and a common database. To promote free sharing between contributors (boaters, boat crews, associations, managers, researchers ....), a single database brings together all the observations, from the amateur level to the naturalist expert.

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Values ​​and ethics developed collectively: by and for citizens

Cybelle Planète has always been committed to giving citizens the floor. Taking into account the opinion of all is of paramount importance, we organize democratic debates at each major stage of our programs.

Ethics Charter of Ecovolunteering

Cybelle Planète coordinated the development of an ethical charter of eco-volunteering, in a participatory way. The goal was:

  • Provide greater visibility to ecovolunteer structures that are committed to applying the ethical principles of this charter
  • Allow eco-volunteers to make a choice based on concrete and clear criteria
  • Inform the ecovolunteers about the points to know and respect to carry out an ethical ecovolunteering

A public consultation was held between November 2013 and December 2014, 395 people have defined and developed the ethical charter of eco-volunteering. At the end of the last step, the definition and the charter were validated by 97,4% of positive votes.

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-> See the list of participants in the development of the Ethics Charter of Ecovolunteering

Charter of ecovolunteers

Cybelle Planète engages a collective reflection to develop the ecovolunteer charter, between September and December 2018. This project will be done participatory, online and face-to-face (workshop). The purpose of this charter will be define the commitment of ecovolunteers.

The development of the ecovolunteer charter will take place in two stages:
> online consultation, between October and November 2018 (deadline November 1)
> public participatory workshop, organized during the next International Exhibition of Ecotourism, Solidarity and Participatory Travel which will take place the 1er and 2 December 2018 in Grenoble. 

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