List of Structures and Persons who participated in the elaboration of the Definition and Charter of Ecovolunteership in 2014.


Cybelle Planète, Project Abroad, Volunteers for Nature,, Eco-Responsible Travelers and Tour Operators (VVE), Objectif Sciences International,, Via SAPIENS, Participé Futur.


400 people participated in this participatory consultation, 312 people agreed to appear on this list:

Achille Pons, ecovolunteer
Adeline Desprez, ecovolunteer
Agnès Boinon, committed citizen
Alain Casenove, eco-volunteering professional
Alexandra Bonnet, ecovolunteer
Alexi Favin, ecovolunteer
Alexis Gautier, ecovolunteer
Alexis Walbecq, ecovolunteer
Alice Arnaud, ecovolunteer
Alice Blanckaert, ecovolunteer
Alice Olive, ecovolunteer
Alice Vertongen, ecovolunteer
Aline Gaelens, ecovolunteer
Aline John, a committed citizen
Alphonse Reboul, ecovolunteer
Andréa Haug, ecovolunteer
Angel Corrao, ecovolunteer
Angèle Canelli, ecovolunteer
Anne-Axelle Lemarchand, ecovolunteer
Anne-Axelle Tréquesser, ecovolunteer
Anne-Cécile Dupré, committed citizen
Anne Ferrand, ecovolunteer
Anne-Lucie Bazonnard, tourism professional
Anne Munchenbach, ecovolunteer
Antoine Ede, ecovolunteer
Antoine Selosse, tourism professional
Ariane Lacote, ecovolunteer
Astrid Clavé, eco-volunteering professional
Aude Prunet, ecovolunteer
Audrey Borderon, ecovolunteer
Audrey Guérard, ecovolunteer
Audrey Libois, a committed citizen
Aurélie Gandolphe, tourism professional
Aurélie Medana, ecovolunteer
Aurélie Sachet, ecovolunteer
Aurélie THOREAU, ecovolunteer
Aurore Lemoine, ecovolunteer
Awi Amisi John, committed citizen
Béatrice Bringuesprando, ecovolunteer
Béatrice Powerful, committed citizen
Benjamin Samaha, tourism professional
Benoît Chambon, ecovolunteer
Benoit Durand, ecovolunteer
Bernadette Bresard, committed citizen
Bernadette Dupont, ecovolunteer
Calves Marion, ecovolunteer
Camille Andrieu, ecovolunteer
Camille Sabadel, ecovolunteer
Carla Bertozzi, ecovolunteer
Carole Rousseau, ecovolunteer
Caroline Cuin, ecovolunteer
Caroline SCHAUB, ecovolunteer
Caroline Schmitt, ecovolunteer
Catherine Jourda, ecovolunteer
Catherine Rozan, ecovolunteer
Cathy Magagnosc, a committed citizen
Cathy Peter, ecovolunteer
Cecilia Guyon, ecovolunteer
Cédric Le Meur, ecovolunteer
Céline Arnal, eco-volunteering professional
Céline Da Guia, ecovolunteer
Céline Muzzolini, ecovolunteer
Céline Paumard, eco-volunteering professional
Céline Rappaz, ecovolunteer
Chantal Pinteaux, tourism professional
Charlotte Beurgaud, ecovolunteer
Chloé Aumont, ecovolunteer
Chris Ivars, ecovolunteer
Christine Chevon, ecovolunteer
Christophe Cérès, ecovolunteer
Claire Blot, ecovolunteer
Claire Devron, ecovolunteer
Claire Lorel, committed citizen
Claire Marion, ecovolunteer
Claire Ponsac, ecovolunteer
Clemence Hautefort, ecovolunteer
Coline Chauvin, ecovolunteer
Colin Giraud, Ecovolunteer
Coralie Oury, committed citizen
C. Tenon, ecovolunteer
Cybelle Planète, ecovolunteering structure
Cyrielle Boudras, ecovolunteer
Daniel Dousset, ecovolunteer
Daniel Moritz, committed citizen
Daphne Eipeltauer, ecovolunteer
David Seve, ecovolunteer
David Touffet, ecovolunteer
Déborah Widmer, ecovolunteer
Diane Mercier, ecovolunteer
Didier Poyer, committed citizen
Dominique Lecourt, ecovolunteer
Ekaterina Voropanova, ecovolunteer
Elallaoui Ammar, eco-volunteering professional
Elisabeth Cheval, ecovolunteer
Elisabeth Lagneaux, ecovolunteer
Elisa Fouassier, ecovolunteer
Elisa Glangeaud, eco-volunteering professional
Elisavet Spanou, ecovolunteer
Elise Choisy, ecovolunteer
Elise Peters, ecovolunteer
Elodie Bertin, ecovolunteer
Elodie Dolléans, ecovolunteer
Elodie Lefevre-Leroudier, eco-volunteering professional
Elodie Lefort, ecovolunteer
Elodie Mellet, ecovolunteer
Elodie Soutif, ecovolunteer
Elodie Urlacher, ecovolunteer
Emeline Desbois, ecovolunteer
Emilie Dauphas, ecovolunteer
Emilie Ehretsmann, ecovolunteer
Emmanuel Nadal, ecovolunteer
Estelle Petersik, ecovolunteer
Eugénie Luizet, ecovolunteer
Evelyne Pierre, ecovolunteer
Evelyne Richard, ecovolunteer
Eymeric Goulard, ecovolunteer
Faye Nzegang, ecovolunteer
Florence Montet, ecovolunteer
Florence Rataud, committed citizen
Floriane Barcelo, committed citizen
Franck Seyve, ecovolunteer
Franck Siedel, committed citizen
Françoise Le Danvic, a committed citizen
Françoise Saulet, ecovolunteer
François Sivardière, ecovolunteer
Frederic Bottin, ecovolunteer
Frédéric Labaune, eco-volunteering professional
Frédérique Pizeine, ecovolunteer
Gabrielle Delorme, ecovolunteer
Gaelle Hubert, committed citizen
Gaëlle Lacroix, eco-volunteering professional
Gaëlle Pommereau, committed citizen
Gérald Baumel, ecovolunteer
Gilles Auric, ecovolunteer
Graziella Jordi, committed citizen
Hamid Hakkoum, ecovolunteer
Hélène Malvezin, committed citizen
Héma Vittori, committed citizen
Hugo Deluchey, ecovolunteer
Idaline Laigle, ecovolunteer
Isabelle Auditeau, ecovolunteer
Isabelle Cliquennois, ecovolunteer
Jacques Dussol, eco-volunteering professional
Jacques Landron, eco-volunteering professional
Jean-Marc Gadet, ecovolunteer
Jeanne Foucher, ecovolunteer
Jean-Pierre Lamic, tourism professional
Jessica Brochier, committed citizen
Jessica Coulon, committed citizen
Johanna Petit, committed citizen
Julia Brasseur, ecovolunteer
Juliane Tapin, committed citizen
Julie Bernard, ecovolunteer
Julie Bousquet, ecovolunteer
Julie Dreux, committed citizen
Julie Gendronneau, eco-volunteering professional
Julie Lamarque, ecovolunteer
Julien Cosnier, ecovolunteer
Julie Ouvard, ecovolunteer
Julie Ouvrard, ecovolunteer
Julie Pinochet, ecovolunteer
Julie Suhard, ecovolunteer
Juliette Renault, ecovolunteer
Karen Alborghetti, ecovolunteer
Karine Evieux, ecovolunteer
Kevin Monmouton, ecovolunteer
Laeticia Charlet, ecovolunteer
Laetitia Lamamy, ecovolunteer
Laetitia Marcault, ecovolunteer
Lara Zemolin, ecovolunteer
Laurence Cousin, ecovolunteer
Laurence Dupont, eco-volunteering professional
Laurence Girard, ecovolunteer
Laurence Nadal, ecovolunteer
Laurent AUDRAS, committed citizen
Laurie Multone, ecovolunteer
Laury Texier, ecovolunteer
Léa Hamdan, ecovolunteer
Léa Lebechnech, ecovolunteer
Leslie Helfer, ecovolunteer
Lindsay Crico, ecovolunteer
Line Larcher, ecovolunteer
Louis Le Roux, ecovolunteer
Lucie Giffard, ecovolunteer
Lucile Chabrol Rey, ecovolunteer
Lucile Mermet, eco-volunteering professional
Lucille Rabardel, committed citizen
Maïlys Mugnier, an ecovolunteer
Maïlys Rizet, ecovolunteer
Manon Jouvray, ecovolunteer
Manon Tremouliere, ecovolunteer
Mara Miranda, ecovolunteer
Margaux Bourion, ecovolunteer
Margerie Touzot, ecovolunteer
Marie-Ange Gérard, ecovolunteer
Marie Ange Perulli, ecovolunteer
Marie-Claire Laurier, ecovolunteer
Marie Deliers, ecovolunteer
Marie Francoise Nachez, committed citizen
Marie-Hélène Demetrio, committed citizen
Marie-Laure Richoilley, ecovolunteer
Marielle Geoffroy, eco-volunteering professional
Marie Scordia, ecovolunteer
Marie Susini, ecovolunteer
Marion Tucci, ecovolunteer
Marius Vuagnat-Kolter, ecovolunteer
Martim Gervais, ecovolunteer
Martine Bellon, committed citizen
Martin Lozivit, ecovolunteer
Mathilde Jaurena, ecovolunteer
Mathilde Nillon, ecovolunteer
Matthieu Marcucci, volunteer professional
Maude Parent, ecovolunteer
Maud Pillet, ecovolunteer
Mehdi Latrace, committed citizen
Mélanie Dulude, committed citizen
Mélanie Luraschi, ecovolunteer
Melanie Michel, ecovolunteer
Michael Karabadjakian, ecovolunteer
Michel François, ecovolunteer
Michel Prolongeau, ecovolunteer
Michel Roche, ecovolunteer
Mickael Fromeyer, ecovolunteer
Myriam Parent, an ecovolunteer
Nadine Ettinger, ecovolunteer
Nandy Louzaouen, ecovolunteer
Nathalie Duforets, ecovolunteer
Nathalie Haubert, committed citizen
Nathalie Rommeluère-Fouré, ecovolunteer
Nathalie Ruer, Ecovolunteer
Nicolas Dreher, ecovolunteer
Nicolas ESCARGUEIL, ecovolunteer
Nicolas Moret, committed citizen
Noella Chopier, ecovolunteer
Noémie Joulie, ecovolunteer
Nofodji Komlan Dieudonne, eco-volunteering professional
Objectif Sciences International, Ecovolunteering Structure
Odile Barbe, committed citizen
Odyle Cousset, eco-friendly
Olivier Chaprier, ecovolunteer
Olivier Roche, ecovolunteer
Olivier Vachez, ecovolunteer
Oriane Mertz, ecovolunteer
Pablo Gazon, ecovolunteer
Future Participation, Ecovolunteering Structure
Patrick Dagorne, ecovolunteer
Pierre Bottex, tourism professional
Project Abroad, Ecovolunteering Structure
Quentin Dupont, committed citizen
Rachel Abovici, tourism professional
Raphaële Raymond, committed citizen
Raphaelle Bregal, ecovolunteer
Raymonde Fuss, ecovolunteer
Regina Dauthier, ecovolunteer
Romain Vallon, tourism professional
Rudy Hallou, eco-volunteering professional
Saiga, Ecovolunteering Structure
Salfo Nikiema, tourism professional
Sandra Boizot, committed citizen
Sandrine Papias, ecovolunteer
Sarah Apfeldorfer, ecovolunteer
Sarah Bastable, ecovolunteer
Sébastien Hustache, ecovolunteer
Serge Morand, committed citizen
Serge Perez, ecovolunteer
Shoshana Denning, eco-volunteering professional
Silvia Ciliberto, eco-volunteering professional
Solenne Gazzola, ecovolunteer
Sophie Ammann, ecovolunteer
Sophie Bony, ecovolunteer
Sophie Cazoulat, ecovolunteer
Sophie Fialdes, ecovolunteer
Sophie Guilali, Professional ecovolunteer
Sophie Homsi, ecovolunteer
Sophie Nadal, ecovolunteer
Sophie Tzitzichvili from Panaskhet, eco-volunteering professional
Sophie Veillault, ecovolunteer
Soukaina Idrissi, eco-volunteering professional
Soukaina Idrissi, eco-volunteering professional
Suzon Loubry, committed citizen
Swiss Cetacean Society, Ecovolunteering Structure
Sylvain Barbot, ecovolunteer
Sylvie Loignon, committed citizen
Tamara Steiner, ecovolunteer
Theo Gaboriau, ecovolunteer
Théophane Desvages, tourism professional
Thibaut Juvet, ecovolunteer
Thibaut Lemoine, ecovolunteer
Tilia Kjellberg, an ecovolunteer
Tiphaine Metrard, ecovolunteer
Valène Mewissen, ecovolunteer
Valérie Dessert, committed citizen
Valérie Hartig, ecovolunteer
Valérie Salingue, ecovolunteer
Véronique Diependael, ecovolunteer
Véronique Laveissiere, ecovolunteer
Véronique Laveissière, ecovolunteer
Véronique Malot, ecovolunteer
Véronique Therry, committed citizen
Victor Dachy, ecovolunteer
Vincent Dani, eco-volunteering professional
Vincent Quiquempois, ecovolunteer
Vinciane Leloutre, ecovolunteer
Volunteers for Nature, Ecovolunteering Structure
Ecoresponsible Traveler and Tour Operators, VVE
Yasmina Meunier, ecovolunteer
Yves Westerbeek, ecovolunteer
Zoe Bouvault, ecovolunteer
Zoe Morris, eco-volunteer