Your donation to Cybelle Planet and withholding tax: what changes in 2019?

Each year Cybelle Planète receives donations from individuals (ecovolunteers or other individuals). Each donation made to Cybelle Planète entitles you to a tax reduction (Cybelle Planète gives you a tax receipt for each donation made): for individuals subject to income tax in France, this reduction amounts to 66% of sums paid, within the limit of 20% of the taxable income. (Article 200 of the CGI).

The introduction of the levy at source, from January 2019, will it change this device? And to what extent?

The benefit of the tax reduction for your donations to Cybelle Planète made in 2018 is maintained.

1) From the 15 January 2019you will receive a deposit of 60% of the tax reduction / credit you received in 2018, in respect of donations and other expenses eligible for a tax reduction / credit in 2017.
If you were not entitled to a tax reduction / credit in 2018, you will not receive a deposit.

2) The balance will be paid as of July 2019, after your tax return which will allow you to declare the amount of donations made to Cybelle Planète in 2018.

To know : 

- If in 2018 you have stopped your expenses giving right to reductions / tax credits, for example if you have not made a donation in 2018, the advance that was granted to you in January will be resumed at the liquidation of your tax in the summer 2019.
- On the other hand, if you are entitled for the first time to these tax benefits for your 2018 expenses and you did not have this type of 2017 expenses, all the reductions / tax credits will be paid to you. paid in the summer 2019. You will not benefit from this 60% deposit in January 2019 but you will be paid from January 2020 based on your 2018 tax return.

3) Donations made during the 2019 year will be declared current 2020. Mid-2020, a regularization will take place, in which will take into account donations made in 2019.

Thus, all donations made in 2018 will benefit from the same tax reductions as in other years!

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