Go on a well-attended ecovolunteer mission

Basic "adherents" insurance

The Cybelle planet association is covered by insurance taken out with the MAIF (Contract n ° 3100988H). All our eco-volunteering missions automatically include a Civil Liability, Repatriation, Accident insurance contract ... By joining the association you automatically subscribe to this insurance. This insurance covers you Only during your participation in mission-related activities, regardless of the duration of the mission.

Some destinations requesting a VISA require you to provide them with a certificate of insurance. We can provide one on request.

See the summary of the guarantees proposed by the member insurance

Additional Travel Insurance

Whatever mission you want to take part in, you must take out additional travel insurance including among others: cancellation, loss or damage of luggage, ... Neither Cybelle Planète nor its partners can be held responsible for the costs which could have been covered by this insurance.

If you choose to take care of purchasing travel insurance

If you choose to take care of your travel / cancellation insurance for your participation in the mission, the latter must include events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. make sure that the guarantees are equal to or greater than those offered by our insurance (described below).

You must imperativelyePlease send us your insurance certificate by email at least 15 days before your departure.

We can take out additional insurance for you

We suggest you to include your insurance directly when you register *.

  • Before you register for an eco-volunteering mission, we will offer you additional insurance by email. This subscription is optional and if you indicate it to us we will not take it into account when you register. 
  • If you have opted for our insurance solution: when your registration has been validated by the hosting project, we will take out the insurance for you. You will receive confirmation of this subscription by e-mail.

* This information is given as an indication and to facilitate your organization. You can choose another insurer. Under no circumstances can Cybelle Planète be held responsible for transactions between your insurer and you. If you have chosen to purchase your insurance via Cybelle Planète, this rule remains the same. 

What guarantees?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have selected insurance for your trip including events related to epidemics including Covid-19.

Note that this insurance is only valid for your eco-volunteering mission and does not cover the transport tickets that you have booked elsewhere. You will need to take out insurance when purchasing your plane or train ticket from your provider.

This formula is very comprehensive and offers services that are not included in the "members" insurance. Guarantees : 

+ CANCELLATION INSURANCE including the standard conditions, as well as: 

  • In the event of illness of the insured following an epidemic / pandemic in the 30 days preceding departure,

  • In the event that the insured person refuses boarding following a temperature measurement by the authorities (on presentation of the proof from the authorities of the denied boarding),
  • In the event of non-presentation of the result of the PCR test within the required deadlines, provided that the insured has taken the necessary steps in time to take the test,
  • In case of contact in the 7 days preceding the departure and subject to presenting a writing from the ARS or the CPAM and the result of the PCR test.


+ INTERRUPTION OF STAY in the event of illness, accident or death.

+ REPATRIATION ASSISTANCE SERVICES with conventional medical costs including in particular: 

  • Teleconsultation before departure

  • Medical repatriation (including in the event of an epidemic or pandemic)

  • Return impossible
    - Hotel costs following an impossible return
    - Hotel costs following quarantine
    - Medical expenses outside the country of residence following illness, including in the event of an epidemic or pandemic


  • Cancellation guarantee does not cover the inability to leave due to border closures or confinement, the material organization, the accommodation or security conditions of the destination.
  • This insurance formula is not offered only for the first 90 days of your mission.
  • If you go in a group (2 to 4 people), and that you clearly indicate the names of your traveling companions during your pre-registration. If each participant takes out insurance with us you will be in solidarity if canceled. So if one of the participants is forced to cancel his trip (and that this falls within the terms and conditions of the contract), his fellow passengers can also benefit from the insurance!
  • The supplementary insurance can not be subscribed only for nationals of the European Community or residing for at least 6 months in one of the EU member states.
  • Some destinations requesting a VISA require you to provide them with a certificate of insurance. We can provide one on request (allow 48 hours on average).
  • Your subscription to a complementary travel insurance will not be refunded in case of cancellation of your trip.

Detailed information (to download after subscription)

Insurance Product Information Document

Insurance contract information notice

Supplementary insurance rate

  • 5% of your participation fees

For example, if your costs consist of € 1400 of biodiversity donation, your insurance will cost you € 70.