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Mission Wildlife in Indonesia, Cybelle Planet

Cybelle Planète reserves your tickets

> We can book your train or plane tickets for you

> We are looking for you the most interesting prices,

> You are guaranteed to have flights in accordance with the schedules of departure and arrival of the missions.

How to do ?

  1. When your preregistration, answer « Yes To the question "Would you like Cybelle Planet to book your plane ticket for you?" ".
  2. Cybelle Planète will send you a link via e-mail to a complementary form to fill out that will allow us to have all the information necessary to book your plane or train ticket.
  3. After your registration to the ecovolunteer mission, and based on the information you have provided to Cybelle Planète, and the constraints imposed by the project, Cybelle Planète will look for the most suitable air / train tickets. A tariff and schedules will be proposed to you by email.
  4. Any tariff proposal for the reservation of a ticket will include: the ticket price, a cancellation-trip insurance *, any options, and the file fees of Cybelle Planète (10% of ticket price).

* Trip cancellation insurance is optional. know more

Booking of plane / train tickets

The booking of your ticket will be done in parallel with the registration process for the eco-volunteering mission : after you have received confirmation by the draft of your registration and after we have received your payment for your ticket.


By default, we offer tickets in economy class for practical and ecological reasons. Economy class is less energy intensive than first class. If you want to travel in first class thank you for notifying us we will do the necessary.


It is possible to opt for the option "choice of your seat", it will generate an additional cost.


We will select your ticket in priority according to schedules and your mission. We can therefore offer you indifferently a ticket on a Low-cost or "Classic" company. If you do not want a low-cost flight you must specify it in the form.


Only "classic" airline tickets can be used to "put an option" for a few hours (not for low-cost flights), which avoids changes in fares between the time of our proposal and the actual ticketing. Otherwise it may be that the price of the ticket that we indicated to you in our proposal changes the time of your validation.


Our experience allows us to choose for you schedules and itineraries best adapted to the constraints imposed by the hosting project. By default we reserve for you a ticket from Paris. We can however adapt to your needs if for example you have requirements of schedule or city of departure.


By default we take the dates that coincide with the dates of your participation in the mission. However, you can request airline tickets for other dates (if you want to extend your stay for example).


Tickets are generally neither refundable nor modifiable, except in certain cases. To benefit from this optional option, we must specify that you want to subscribe knowing that this often generates additional costs.

If you have not subscribed to the option "changeable ticket", Cybelle Planète will not take care of any changes or cancellations of your airline tickets resulting from changes in your travel dates. Please contact the airline directly to arrange your transport.


An insurance cancellation, loss or damage of luggage, delay of plane .... is obligatory for your air tickets and / or of train. We will offer you an insurance solution in our flight ticket proposal. This subscription is optional. If you do not opt ​​for the latter you will need to send us proof of insurance for your ticket before your departure. You will find all the information concerning the insurance conditions on the insurance page on our website:


We will propose you by email tickets after your registration to the mission. Due to the variations in the rates, you will have to pay the amount requested for the reservation of your tickets at once and by CB immediately by telephone, or up to 17h30 the same day if the ticket allows us to put an option. Beyond this deadline, ticket prices will be re-evaluated.

To read the general and specific conditions for participation in missions.

To learn more about Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for me?

A facility of approach since it is enough to answer "yes" the question "Do you wish that Cybelle Planet is in charge of reserving your ticket of plane / train for you? "

Coordination between the flight schedules and the time of arrival and departure of the projects,

An optimal choice of flight by choosing for you the most relevant itineraries and coherent with the constraints imposed by the projects of reception,

Flexibility on departure and arrival dates if you wish to stay longer at your destination,

A facilitated meeting with the other ecovolunteers who will take as much as possible, the same flight as you,

The choice of your departure city from France or the big cities of the European Union.

Where do I wish to see Cybelle Planète take care of the booking of my plane tickets?

When you pre-register online, simply answer "yes" to the question: "Would you like Cybelle Planète to take care of booking your plane / train tickets? ". An additional email will be sent to you.

Do I have the choice of the conditions of my plane ticket and my flight?

Yes, you will have access to an additional online form, as soon as you have specified during your pre-registration online your wish to see Cybelle Planète take care of your booking of airline tickets. You can specify all your preferences regarding your reservation.

What is the supplementary form?

A questionnaire about your transport (departure city, comfort ...) that you will fill directly online. Depending on the information you give us, and the constraints imposed by the project, we will send you by e-mail the price and The detail ticket schedules. How to register for an eco-volunteering mission?

How far in advance do I have to book my flight tickets?

You need to book your plane tickets as soon as possible to get good prices (ideally 6 months in advance). In all cases you must wait for confirmation of your registration.

How much does a plane ticket cost?

Depending on your destination, the flight path and the time the booking was made, fares may vary by several hundred euros. However, in order to allow you to estimate the price of your ticket, we put at your disposal a table of Indicative prices of air tickets.

What should I do if my trip changes or is canceled, which would result in my plane or train tickets?

After the booking of your tickets, all the steps of modification or cancellation will be done with the airline that will insure your flight. Cybelle Planet declines any responsibility due to these changes. We recommend you even more to subscribe a cancellation insurance.

What to do when I arrive at the airport? How long before departure do I have to introduce myself?

In order to proceed with your check-in, you must present your ticket at the counter of your airline in the terminal, its staff will validate your passage and will note the deposit of your luggage in the hold.
We advise you to arrive two or three hours before your departure time for international flights, 1 time for domestic flights, and to take into account the opening hours of the registrars.

What is the maximum baggage allowance?

The maximum weight allowed for your checked baggage is to be checked with your airline. It is she who defines her own flight conditions. For an approximate indication, it is better not to exceed 20 kg.

Is the airport tax already included in the price of the ticket?

Yes, for tickets taken by Cybelle Planet. All indicative rates given on the Cybelle Planète website include this tax.

What does the airport tax include?

It groups together several categories of levies: the fuel and safety surcharge to cope with the incessant rise in the price of oil and therefore kerosene, the passenger tax, the solidarity tax intended to help the development of the Third World, between 1 and 40 € according to destination and class reserved (...).

Should I take out cancellation insurance, travel?

It is mandatory in all cases Attention: the subscription to a cancellation insurance must be made at the same time as your payment!
In the event that Cybelle Planète takes care of reserving your plane tickets, we always offer you insurance.

What is included in my cancellation insurance?

The insurance of Cybelle Planète financially compensates the insured who has suffered a risk provided for in the contract.
The assistance helps the subscriber in case of difficulties and assures the assumption of the expenses which result from it: medical expenses, repatriation, technical assistance, legal aid.
For other insurances, remember to check the mentioned criteria. Read more about Insurance

Does Cybelle Planète take care of nights at the hotel?

No, hotel nights are at your own expense. You will find corresponding hotel addresses in your city of departure and arrival on the particulars for each project.