Mission Tortoises in El Salvador, Copyright Cybelle Planète

How to join an eco-volunteering mission?

1 - Application

You fill out an online application form

By filling out the form, indicate the mission and the desired dates for your project, and whether you are going alone, with others or as part of an ecosolidary leave.

We contact you

After verifying the availability of the mission, based on the information you have provided us, we will send you a link by e-mail to complete your REGISTRATION application to a mission. Dates may be modified from your initial request, depending on the possibilities of the project; we may also ask you additional questions or contact you by phone.

2 - Complete your online registration application

We need all the additional information about you in order to better prepare your mission. You will also need to indicate if you wish or not that Cybelle Planète takes care of the booking of your plane tickets (if yes, an additional form will be sent to you by e-mail). 

Be careful, if you go to more than one, you will have to fill out a registration form per participant.

3 - We will answer you by email

Depending on all the information you have provided us, we will send you an email where you will find in detail all the information concerning your registration, the payment of your donation and your membership, as well as the documents to provide us. 

Additional costs: travel insurance, as well as any other payment relating to your mission (upgrade, transfer costs, etc.), will be the subject of a second separate email. Again, we will provide you with all the information you need.

If you want Cybelle Planet to take care of your tickets

If you chose to entrust us with the reservation of your tickets: At the same time, we will email you a link to a form you will need to fill out.

Preparation of requested documents

Depending on your mission, the requested documents may vary. In all cases you will have to prepare your documents, fill them and sign them so that we can proceed to your registration. 

Note: do not forget to have the medical fitness form filled out and signed by your doctor!

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4 - Your Mission Registration

To validate your registration

We will register you for the eco-volunteering mission after receiving:

  • your REGISTRATION FORM completed and signedbefore signing your registration form we invite you to read our conditions of participation in missions and specific terms and conditions for the mission chosen on the web page reserved for it.
  • your MEDICAL FITNESS FORM completed and signed, by you and your attending physician,
  • the other documents possible: travel insurance certificate (if you do not wish to take out one with us), additional information, if any ... If you have not chosen to take additional travel insurance, you must send us your insurance certificate. Please note that the missions will not accept your registration without this document!
  • le payment of all your ancillary costs (insurance...). 
  • Le payment of 30% of your minimum biodiversity donation (100% if your registration takes place less than 90 days before your departure).

Registrations are validated subject to acceptance of the project and availability.

We will confirm your registration in a second time

Projects have a limited number of places and receive registrations from other foreign organizations, we can guarantee that your registration is validated after confirmation by the project. We ask you not to take your tickets until you have received confirmation from us.

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