General conditions for participation in eco-volunteering and sales of derivatives

Covid-19 specific general conditions

The particular conditions linked to the covid-19 pandemic oblige us to apply specific and adapted conditions of participation. These “adapted” conditions replace our standard general conditions and are presented to you below.

Thank you for your understanding.

General conditions for participation in missions

These general conditions of participation govern the eco-volunteering missions offered by Cybelle Planète. The ecovolunteer acknowledges having read and accepted them before confirming his registration.

Our train and / or plane reservations service is suspended until further notice.

« ecovolunteer »Refers to anyone who registers for an eco-volunteering mission.

The ecovolunteer will have to apply on the site www.cybelle-planete.org for the mission (s) desired. Cybelle Planète sends back to her, by e-mail, all the information necessary to assemble her application file. In the absence of a confirmation e-mail sent by Cybelle Planète, the application was not taken into account. It is therefore up to the ecovolunteer to ensure the receipt of the confirmation e-mail.


Ecovolunteers must provide Cybelle Planète with all the requested information. If the ecovolunteer provides erroneous information leading to additional costs for Cybelle Planète, they may be charged to it. A valid passport and / or a visa is the responsibility of the ecovolunteers.

The ecovolunteer acknowledges having read the conditions of participation requested by the project and responding to them. These conditions are detailed on the Cybelle Planète website and are specific to each mission.
Additional information will be made available to you after your registration, in the form of .pdf files to download online.

Duration of the offer

The missions proposed on the site www.cybelle-planete.org, governed by these conditions of participation, are normally valid as long as they remain online until the available places are exhausted. They may vary in real time. The photos appearing in the description are merely illustrative and are not contractual.

The registration form sent to you by Cybelle Planète is valid 1 months for registrations to more than 3 months before the start date of the mission. For registrations taking place less than 3 months before the start of the mission, the validity period of the registration form is 3 days.


Registration for one of our missions implies acceptance of the general conditions of participation in the missions presented below. The mission you are going to choose may already be complete or, on the contrary, does not have enough registrants to ensure your departure. This is the reason why we ask you, if possible, to mention several choices of dates for your participation.


Applications for missions are made online and are in no way an obligation to participate. Thanks to the information you have given us in the online registration request form, Cybelle Planète will issue a registration form which will be sent to you by email.


A registration is only registered to the extent that it is accompanied at least by the payment of a first payment corresponding to 30% of the mission costs (with a minimum amount of 100 €), the medical form and the registration form. completed and signed by the ecovolunteer and his attending physician, and the travel insurance certificate if not taken out via Cybelle Planète.

Registrations are validated subject to acceptance of the project and availability.

Registration Confirmation

Upon receipt of your registration, we will send you a confirmation letter with a receipt of payment, acting as a contract, the information concerning the insurance, and your membership number to Cybelle Planète.

It will be necessary to wait for confirmation from the project to be certain that your registration is validated.

Balance payment

The balance must be paid 15 days (2 weeks) before departure without any reminder from us. Without it, Cybelle Planète will cancel your registration and your previous payments will not be refunded.

Car insurance

Subscription to full travel insurance (including travel / cancellation) is mandatory for all registrations for a mission.

Accident / Liability Insurance

The association Cybelle planet is covered by an insurance contract with the MAIF (Contract n ° 3100988). Any registration for a mission automatically includes an insurance contract. This contract guarantees you during the trip for the following risks, excluding the cases presenting a pathological state constituted before the date of the departure while traveling, or to a disease having been the object of the treatment.

  • guarantee "general liability": Bodily injury, consequential material or immaterial damage, non-consequential non-material damage, bodily injury resulting from food poisoning,
  • guarantee "defense",
  • guarantee "personal injury compensation": personal assistance service (home assistance), reimbursement of medical expenses, pharmaceutical and transport, search and rescue of human lives, payment of a contractual capital in case injury or death,
  • guarantee "damage to the personal property of the insured",
  • guarantee "recourse legal protection",
  • guarantee assistance: repatriation of the wounded or seriously ill, assumption of medical expenses and hospitalization on the spot.

Travel / cancellation insurance

Subscription to travel / cancellation insurance is compulsory for any registration to an eco-volunteering mission.

Whatever the mission in which you wish to participate, you must take out cancellation insurance, loss or damage of luggage, .... Neither Cybelle Planète nor its partners can be held responsible for costs that could have been covered by cancellation insurance . You are free to choose the insurance company. Cybelle Planète offers a complementary insurance solution.

The amount of insurance premiums subscribed by Cybelle Planète or by the ecovolunteer at the time of his mission must be paid upon registration to the mission and the receipt of the deposit. 

Privacy of personal information

In order to better organize the trip of ecovolunteers. Cybelle Planète will share with the project the information they have provided during their registration process for the mission as well as the mandatory medical file.

Cybelle Planète can also share contact information (email, phone) between eco-volunteers participating in the same mission and on the same dates, in order to facilitate the organization of their trip. In the event that an ecovolunteer does not wish to share his contact information, he must inform Cybelle Planète by email.

Sailboat missions

Cybelle Planet can not be held responsible for unforeseen expenses that may result for participants:

  • fortuitous events (including events relating to Covid-19 and pandemics) independent of the will of Cybelle Planète and their consequences
  • bad weather, diseases, epidemics, strikes, quarantines, fiscal measures, government decrees, war ...
  • damage or material problems occurring on the boat used for the mission, creating navigation conditions too dangerous to allow departure from port.

In these different cases, it will be up to the ecovolunteer to organize his transportation to the place where his return was planned. Cybelle Planète will not be able to in no case to regulate the expenses envisaged on the various trips to return to the point of origin, in the event of bad weather preventing the ship from reaching its destination.

Mission expenses

The costs for an eco-volunteering mission are: Don Biodiversity,membership to Cybelle Planète, and on an optional basis: travel insurance, transfer to the project, any administrative costs, and exceptional costs (eg: heating costs in Mongolia….).

Only the Biodiversity Gift and membership can be subject to a tax receipt.

Membership (s)

Membership "support" to Cybelle Planète is mandatory to participate in an ecovolunteer mission. All missions are reserved for members of the association, up to date of their subscription. They automatically include a liability insurance policy, Accidents, Repatriation.

Membership in Cybelle Planète is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the mission and will be automatically deducted from your payments.

Membership in Cybelle Planète is tax deductible (for people subject to income tax), it is subject to a tax receipt.

Don Biodiversity

In addition to your participation in the mission, you make a Biodiversity donation to Cybelle Planète. You will receive a tax receipt for the latter, after completing your assignment. Note that insurance is not included in your donation.

For more information on donations.

Air tickets 

The indicative prices for airline tickets are given on the website www.cybelle-planete.org in order to allow the participants to get a preliminary idea, they have no contractual value. These are updated regularly.

Modification of mission expenses

We may find ourselves obliged to modify the amount of the mission expenses, to take into account the variation of the exchange rates applied to the trip or to the mission in question.

Upon signing the registration form and / or booking voucher, the fee amount is firm and final. It is expressed in euros and can not be modified by any of the parties except in the cases authorized by law (variation of the cost of transport and variation of the fees and taxes related to the services provided) mentioned above. In the event of a modification of the amount of the expenses of mission for the cases referred to above, Cybelle Planet undertakes to inform the ecovolunteer by email or by mail at the latest 30 days before the date of his departure.

Changes - Last minute - Cancellation

Namely : The modification conditions - last minute - cancellation described below are general to all missions proposed by Cybelle Planète. However some projects require the application of specific conditions. In this case, they are clearly specified on the full description of the mission in question, available on the website www.cybelle-planete.org in the "financing" tab.

Eco-volunteering missions

Any modification or cancellation by the ecovolunteers must reach us in writing (email or postal mail).

Fees retained during the modification or last minute registration for a mission are not considered donations, and as such will not be subject to a tax receipt.


No modification of dates / destination can be made. However, exceptionally and in accordance with the host project, in the event of modification of your registration (dates, destination ...), 40 € of application fees will be requested.

Last minute registration

In case of registration within a period less than or equal to 15 days before the departure date, additional fees, a flat fee of 50 €, will be requested.


In case of cancellation on your part:

  • Membership in Cybelle Planète will not be refunded.
  • Your subscription to complementary travel insurance (by Cybelle Planète or other) will not be refunded.
  • For a cancellation more than 15 days before the departure date, your 30% deposit will not be refunded and will become a donation to Cybelle Planète for which we will send you a tax receipt.
  • For a last minute cancellation (less than 15 days before the departure date), your biodiversity donation will not be refunded. We will send you a tax receipt for it.
  • For any cancellation before your departure, no date postponement can be programmed, and no credit note can be made.

Cancellation by Cybelle Planète

If the minimum number of ecovolunteers necessary for the execution of the mission has not been reached, Cybelle Planète reserves the right to cancel the mission. Ecovolunteers will be informed at least 15 days before departure. We will also endeavor to offer you a choice of equivalent assignments.

Any cancellation of the trip on our part, due to circumstances not attributable to the traveler will result in the reimbursement, as soon as possible, of the sums paid for the biodiversity gift and the additional insurance. This reimbursement can in no case include the costs incurred for the trip to the project (plane tickets, train tickets ...), and your membership.

Mission interruption

Any mission interrupted for events beyond our control does not engage our responsibility and can not claim any refund.

Payment terms

  • Check (payable to Cybelle Planète), if the latter is received at least 15 days before the departure of the ecovolunteer.
  • Bank transfer to the account of Cybelle Planète at Crédit Coopératif de Montpellier following the references: IBAN: FR76 4255 9100 0008 0041 0494 418, BIC: CCOPFRPPXXX _ RIB: 42559/10000/08004104944/18 / Groupe Crédit Cooperatif.
  • Bank card: You can make your biodiversity donation by bank card; by email (secure 3D SECURE system). If you wish to pay by credit card, please send a request to This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For any payment by credit card, bank charges will be added to your mission expenses : 1,1% for Carte Bancaires France and European Economic Area transactions, 2,15% for Cartes Bancaires transactions outside the European Economic Area.

Note that the errors of payment of less than 2 euros in favor of Cybelle Planet will not be refunded considering bank charges and shipments in general.

Travel Information

Administrative and health formalities

Cybelle Planète delivers online information for all French nationals.

Foreign nationals must inform themselves and inquire, before embarking on a trip, about the administrative and health formalities required, in particular from the competent embassies or consulates.

It is up to the ecovolunteer, a national of French nationality, to verify that the documents, in particular administrative and health, required for the accomplishment of the trip, are in conformity with the information provided by Cybelle Planète. Travelers are strongly recommended to check all information with the authorities concerned (eg website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Cybelle Planète cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the consequences of the non-observance by the ecovolunteer of police, customs or health regulations, before and during the trip. An ecovolunteer who could not board a flight, failing to present the required documents, will not be able to claim any reimbursement.

Obtaining visas

The procedures and costs of obtaining visas are the responsibility of the ecovolunteers. Cybelle Planète provides them with useful information and advice online.

Security information and recommendations from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cybelle Planète strongly advises you to consult the file by country of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to your trip (country of destination and crossed) on the website http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/, heading "Advice to travelers". Cybelle Planète draws your attention to the fact that information can evolve until the date of your departure, it is advisable to consult them regularly.

Litigation and complaints

If you encounter a particular problem during your mission, inform the project manager or his local representative immediately. They will make every effort to find the best possible solution with you. If nevertheless, the reason for your complaint can not be solved locally, on your return inform us by email or telephone; We will do our best to find a satisfactory solution with you.

We will not consider any complaints or claims for which the Project Authority or we have not been informed during the assignment or within 30 days after your assignment.

Withdrawal period

For any service order (plane tickets, insurance), or any registration for an eco-volunteering mission carried out with Cybelle Planète, you have no right of withdrawal.


General conditions of sale of derivative products

The purpose of these general conditions of sale is, on the one hand, to inform any potential buyer of the terms and conditions under which the seller proceeds to the sale and delivery of the products ordered, and on the other hand, to define the rights and obligations of the parties. These conditions apply, without restrictions or reservations, to all sales, by the Cybelle Planète association, of the products offered on its website. www.cybelle-planete.org. Consequently, the fact for any person to order a product offered for sale on the website of the Cybelle Planète association implies full and complete acceptance of these general conditions of sale, which the buyer acknowledges having read prior to his order. The buyer, prior to his order, declares to have full legal capacity, allowing him to commit to these general conditions of sale.

The association Cybelle Planet reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions of sale.

Sale and / or free distribution

Free distribution: certain products are automatically offered to members when they register for an eco-volunteering mission (eg: T-shirt). In this case, no specific pricing will be applied for the latter, the product is included in the mission costs incurred by the ecovolunteer (except in the case of additional delivery costs, see article 2).

All derivative products are offered directly for sale by Cybelle Planète.

Rates and delivery

Cybelle Planet reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood however that the price appearing on its web page the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.

Prices quoted include delivery charges provided they take place in the geographical areas listed below.after: mainland France and Corsica.

For orders outside the geographical areas listed above, additional delivery charges will apply. In addition, the possibility of a tax to be paid upon customs clearance can not be ruled out. To know the current rate, we invite you to inquire at your customs.

My Orders

Any order, whether made online or in free distribution, implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. Cybelle Planète will email confirmation of any registered order.

Return of goods / refund

Item exchange

For items distributed freely (ex: T-shirts included with each ecovolunteer registration): any request for an item exchange will be at the expense of the ecovolunteer for a fixed amount of 25 €, including the new T- shirt and shipping costs (except for orders outside the geographical area).

In other cases (eg: online purchase), it is possible to exchange the item ordered. The request must be made within 14 days of receipt of the order.

Any request for product exchange must be made by email to This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying the desired model and size.

Cybelle Planète will send a new article after receiving the product to be exchanged, without additional shipping costs.


The reimbursement request is not applicable for items distributed freely (ex: T-shirt offered for each ecovolunteer registration).

In other cases (eg: online purchase), you have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to exercise your right of withdrawal. You do not have to justify reasons to exercise your right of withdrawal. The deadline is counted from the receipt of the product (s).

Prior to any return of a product, the buyer must notify his intention to withdraw through an unambiguous declaration by email to This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The refund will be made after receipt of the returned product, without any penalty.

In both cases :

Once your exchange / refund request has been taken into account and validated by Cybelle Planète, the item to be exchanged / refunded must be returned within a maximum period of 14 days to the address of our commercial partner (the company that will have you sent the T-shirt).

All items to be returned must be returned in their original packaging under the same conditions as those in which they were shipped. The return is not applicable for goods which have been worn and which cannot be taken back for reasons of hygiene.

The postage costs of the article are then the responsibility of the buyer.


These conditions of online sale are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is assigned to the courts of Montpellier.