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Financing your eco-volunteer task

The Don Biodiversity needed to finance the eco-volunteering mission can be collected in various ways by ecovolunteers. Here are some ways to help you with your fundraising.

Own funds

You can finance your biodiversity donation as well as your membership out of your own funds.
Good to know. The biodiversity donation paid by ecovolunteers to Cybelle Planète as well as the membership fees open the right to a tax deduction (for individuals subject to income tax in France).
As an individual, you can benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the sums paid for the payment of the biodiversity donation and your membership within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.
Thus for a donation of 1000 €, the project really costs you only 340 €.

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Employees on eco-solidarity leave

If you are an employee, you can suggest to your employer to set up a eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète. This sponsorship partnership allows companies to confirm their involvement in environmental protection. They finance, in part or in full, the eco-volunteering mission of one or more employees wishing to go on a mission during their holidays or their RTT.
The biodiversity donation paid by companies gives the right to a tax deduction (for companies subject to corporate tax in France).
For companies, the sums paid for the biodiversity donation and the membership of the employee (s) give the right to a tax deduction of 60% within the limit of 0.5% of turnover.
Thus for a donation of 1000 €, the project really costs only 400 €.

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You can also use crowdfunding to finance your eco-volunteering mission. It can be a great gift idea for a birthday or for Christmas.
Cybelle Planète is associated with HelloAsso fundraising site which allows, among other things, eco-volunteers to collect money online from their loved ones to finance their eco-volunteering mission. The participation of your relatives is tax deductible up to 66% of the amount paid (for people subject to income tax in France).
Once your eco-volunteering project is well defined, we can help you set up a crowdfunding campaign via HelloAsso. You just need to tell us about your project and give us your email address, we will create a dedicated HelloAsso space that will be directly associated with our account. You will be able to personalize your campaign and distribute it on your social networks, to your relatives, or even integrate it directly into your site / blog if you have one. The sums that you will recover online will be paid directly to Cybelle Planète and will be deducted from any remainder to be paid.
You can also set up a fundraising campaign on another secure platform and use the funds raised to finance your mission. There are several sites dedicated to crowdfunding, it's up to you to choose the platform that suits you best.

Want to create your campaign? Contact us!

Tips for creating your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Choose a title for your collection
  • Prepare a short presentation of your project
  • Set a reasonable financial goal and a campaign end date. This should ideally be between one and three months after the launch of your campaign.
  • Personalize your campaign. Describe your project, explain what the money collected will be used for and to whom it will be paid. Add images and / or video to make your campaign more dynamic.
  • Define the possible donation amounts. In front of each amount, you can offer a counterpart to motivate donations (for example offer a photo of your mission for a donation of € 20, thank your donor with a personalized video for a donation of € 50…).
  • Advertise your campaign. Start by sending an email to close people who know your project: family, friends, neighbors ... Little by little, expand your communication by using social networks. You can also integrate your campaign into a website by copying and pasting its HTML code.
  • You will receive an email notification for each donation received. Remember to thank your donor by going to your tracking area.

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