You want to go on an eco-volunteering mission but you do not have the necessary budget? 

Think of the crowdfunding! Easy to use, it allows you to collect money online even from people who are geographically distant. 

Whether for a birthday present, a wedding gift, a honeymoon, for a retirement or any other reason, crowdfunding (or common pot) allows you to present the project you would like to achieve with money raised and re-launch participants as needed.

1. Choose the eco-volunteering mission and your participation dates

Choose your mission from eco-volunteering missions of Cybelle Planète, according to your interests and the geographical area where you want to go.

Pre-register online. Pre-registration is non-binding, so you can cancel your pre-registration at any time without charge. We will be able to give you an estimate of the expenses of mission necessary to the accomplishment of your mission.

2. Online set up your crowdfunding

helloasso logoThe site helloasso  You will create your own campaign and collect donations for Cybelle Planet. Each donor may receive a tax receipt for their donation to the association (provided it is greater than 50 €).

Contact us if you want more information about it.

3. Make your collection campaign

Invite your friends and family to participate in your fundraising campaign, until you have raised the money needed to complete your mission 

4. Register and participate in the mission

From this stage you will follow the traditional registration process to participate in one of our missions.