Elephants mission in Thailand, Copyright Celine Breniere

Join the host project

When you participate in an eco-volunteering mission, you will have to join the hosting project. This trip is done in several stages:

1 - Travel to the host country

We speak to you most often of plane, for the simple reason that it remains the fastest means of transport and the most practical, in particular for the long distances. However, keep in mind that this mode of travel does not have only advantages and has the particular disadvantage of being very polluting. There are other travel alternatives: > see documentation on eco-transport

However if you have to fly, know that you can offset your CO2 emissions.

Each project has requirements regarding the appointment time on the first day and / or the date of arrival. This can sometimes complicate the booking of your ticket. To help you, Cybelle Planète offers a ticket service.

2 - Appointment with the project

Once you have registered for one of our missions, we will provide you with a document describing in detail how to join the hosting project. This document is written with the local project and updated every year, so that the organization of your trip is not an obstacle for you.
In the event that Cybelle Planète takes care of reserving your plane ticket for you, you will still have to organize your transfer to the meeting point. That said, our experience will allow us to find you the best air tickets to facilitate the appointment.

Depending on the mission and accessibility of the work site, appointments with the project take place:

  • At the airport, the first day of your mission. In this case, the project is responsible for ensuring your transfer to the research site.
  • At a bus stop, the first day of your mission. In some cases, the project is located several hours away from the airport or main city. If the local buses are sufficiently reliable and secure, the project will advise you to get closer to the site by bus and pick you up at your stop. So your transfer will be much more economical.
  • In a hotel : airplane schedules sometimes force ecovolunteers to arrive the day before. In this case, the project will meet you on the first day of your mission in the lobby of your hotel. This option is often the most relaxing and allows you to start your mission rested (e).
  • Directly on the site: in some cases, it is possible to reach the work site directly, by your own means. You can take public transport or rent a car ....

In any case, the appointment with the project can be organized optimally if you send us your arrival information at least 15 days before your arrival.