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You must take care of obtaining your VISA. Below you will find some useful information.

Obtaining a visa is often a necessary step when organizing your mission. Depending on the country, a visa will be mandatory or not, and the latter's request will require you to fill out specific forms with additional documents and an amount to pay for consular fees. The whole of this file will be to deposit with the consulate of the country in which you go. The visa can sometimes be long, do not do it at the last moment.

Eco-volunteering can in no way be assimilated to any work or training. For this reason and in order to avoid many administrative problems: always ask for a tourist visa (except in Indonesia where you need a Socio-cultural VISA: see below).

INDONESIA: PTo participate in the Wildlife Ecovolunteering Mission to Indonesia, you must have a Socio-Cultural VISA (** 211 **). For the constitution of your VISA application file, Cybelle Planète and the project will provide you the letters of attestation after your registration. ATTENTION: allow one month to obtain the letter of invitation (sponsor letter) necessary for your application file of VISA Socio-Cultural. Your passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months when you enter Indonesian territory.

MONGOLIA: To obtain your VISA, Cybelle Planète will issue you a letter of invitation to the project on simple request from you.

THAILAND: Within the framework of a mission in Thailand whose duration is greater than or equal to 8 weeks, a type O VISA may be requested.

For further information, please consult the page dedicated to the mission of your choice in Country Councils: 


Apply for your visa yourself

You can arrange the visa application yourself. This solution is of course the most economical and the fastest, but it requires time and availability because you will have to go to the consulate authorized to issue visas (and there are none in all cities !). In addition, depending on the season and the country, consulates may have to deal with a lot of requests at the same time, which is likely to delay the consideration of your file.

There are also, according to the consulates, postal visa or internet visa application services. In the first case take into account that you will be dependent on the postal services, and more generally you will not be on the spot to follow your file, which can play to your disadvantage.

List of embassies and consulates in France

Visa application via an intermediary.

There are half a dozen companies in France specialized in applying for visas. They take care of all the steps in your place, and this in a few days maximum even if most also foresee a possibility "urgent delay". In addition to the cost of the visa and shipping costs, these organizations take a commission that usually runs around 20 / 30 € on average for a tourist visa. In addition, they can solve many difficult cases through the contacts they have in the consular services.

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