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Your donation Biodiversity

The ecovolunteer program of Cybelle Planète does not benefit from any public or institutional funding, except the tax deduction, so it depends on corporate patronage and donations from individuals.
Business or individual, your donation Biodiversity is a concrete way to help the association Cybelle Planète and its partners to continue our actions for biodiversity and citizens.

The Cybelle Planète association works in partnership with biodiversity conservation programs. These are located in various places on the planet; they have all been the subject ofrigorous selection on our part as well as regular monitoring of the results acquired.

The programs we work with receive very little external financial assistance, and most of them are dependent on donations from nature lovers and eco-volunteers. Whether you are an ecovolunteer or not, your donation will allow these programs to continue their project over time.

Give, whether you are ecovolunteer or not

The Biodiversity donation is for:

  • To those who simply wish to make their financial contribution to Cybelle planet and its partner programs.
  • Or, eco-volunteers who, in addition to their financial donation, will leave to join the program to help them for a few weeks. In all cases, your money will be treated in the same way and largely donated to the program (s) concerned.

Tax deduction

Each gift made to Cybelle Planète is eligible for a tax deduction (For companies or persons subject to corporation tax or income tax in France).

For donor companies (eco-solidary leave)
The eco-solidarity leave is a way for employers and their employees to realize their commitment to biodiversity and the planet.
60% of the sums paid (including the Biodiversity Donation and the Membership) are deductible from corporation tax, in the limit of 0,5% of the turnover (article 238 bis of the CGI).
Donation 100 € only costs you 40 €
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For individual donors (ecovolunteers)
Individuals can engage individually. As such, you benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the sums paid for your Biodiversity Donation and your Membership, within the limit of 20% of the taxable income (article 200 of the CGI). If there is a surplus, the sum can be carried over to the next 5 years.
Donation 100 € only costs you 34 €
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Your non-deductible costs

The deduction does not apply to airline tickets, visa and vaccination fees, and travel insurance.

Practical details

  • The tax receipt is issued in the name and first name of the person who made the payment of the donation.
  • Your tax receipt will be sent to you at the end of the current year, for simple donors, or upon your return from an eco-volunteering mission for eco-volunteers.
  • Donations subject to a tax receipt are not refundable.

Why does the amount of the Biodiversity Gift differ according to the mission?

Each project has its own needs (equipment, personnel, ..) and can be very different from one mission to another. This amount, associated with the cost of hosting ecovolunteers, will serve as a basis of calculation to define the minimum amount of Don Biodiversity that we must collect for each mission.

Thus the Biodiversity Gifts are calculated as accurately and adapted to each ecovolunteer mission.

A reduced biodiversity donation for eco-volunteering missions of minimum 3 weeks

Mission durations of a minimum of 3 weeks are favored, minimum time estimated for the mission of the ecovolunteer to have a sufficient impact for a territorial compensation, carbon compensation remains optional. The 2-week missions will, for their part, be implemented with an additional donation, which will contribute to an offset fund, which will finance the carbon offset programs selected by Cybelle Planète as well as the development of new partnerships with conservation of biodiversity.

Where does your Don Biodiversity go?

distribution of the gift

Between 70% and 55% of your donation donated to the partner project:

  • Pay project staff;
  • Buy, renew, repair medical and technical equipment, enclosures, fences ...;
  • Obtain medicines and food for animals;
  • Pay land rentals (for sanctuaries but also for conservation projects that wish to rent plots for reforestation and planting of endemic species), or even sometimes to buy the freedom of animals!
  • Create communication media, awareness, information for local residents and tourists;
  • Train locals and students so that they can work in their town / village / country, while developing a responsible and sustainable economy, taking into account their resources and the preservation of flora and fauna.
  • Fund accommodation, food, and travel for volunteer eco-volunteers.

Between 30% and 45% of your donation used by Cybelle Planète:

  • Pay the ecovolunteering service responsible for relations with partner projects and ecovolunteers before, during and after their mission;
  • Coordinate, study and evaluate our partner projects annually, update the information concerning them;
  • Fund communication and awareness plans on eco-volunteering and environmental preservation;
  • Administer and manage Cybelle Planète.
  • Supply an offset fund dedicated to financing carbon offset programs selected by Cybelle Planète, and territorial offset programs (development of new partnerships with biodiversity conservation projects).