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What is eco-volunteering?

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ecovolontariat in comicsBiodiversity belongs to each of us. However, it is decreasing rapidly, despite individual and collective awareness. Among all the threats to biodiversity, tourism occupies an important place (see our article "Tourism and BiodiversityWe do not think that we should stop traveling, one of the solutions is to develop and promote an ecological and responsible way of travel, respectful of biodiversity and offering an alternative to mass tourism. It is in this context that ecovolunteerism fits.

Generally, eco-volunteering is characterized by assistance to local organizations for the protection of nature, lacking in resources, and which therefore ask nothing better than to receive some additional staff as well as financial assistance. During their mission, ecovolunteers lend a hand to nature professionals in their daily work for the preservation of biodiversity.

1 - Definition of eco-volunteering.

“Eco-volunteering is a united and participatory action which consists in helping, during his free time, a project linked to the preservation and enhancement of animal, plant, environmental and cultural diversity. The ecovolunteer is a committed and voluntary citizen and cannot, as such, receive financial compensation for his action ”. (1)

(1) This definition is the result of a one-year debate, with nearly 400 participants, all concerned by this activity: eco-volunteers, eco-volunteering structures, tourism professionals, committed citizens, travelers, students, representatives of environmental associations etc ... The debate took into account the opinion of all, without restriction, and the results are the reflection of collective thought.

2 - Eco-volunteering, a participatory and solidarity mode of travel. 

You concretely help a biodiversity conservation project by joining a team of professionals and participating in their daily work: animal monitoring, behavioral studies, care, environmental education ...

You make a useful Biodiversity Donation for the project who will be able to pay its staff, buy useful equipment and continue the mission over the long term.

3 - Ecovolunteer: synonymous with added value for the project. 

The implementation of nature protection programs requires human and financial resources. Thanks to their action on the ground and their financial support, the ecovolunteers guarantee the continuation of programs of conservation of the fauna and the wild flora.


Ethical charters 

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