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Ecovolunteering, is it for me?

10 good reasons to go on an eco-volunteering missionGUIDES

  1. Eco-volunteering responds to our need to be helpful and to do a good deed,
  2. Eco-volunteering is an excellent opportunity to get closer to nature,
  3. Eco-volunteering allows you to travel "differently"
  4. During your mission, you help protect endangered species,
  5. This is the opportunity to meet specialists in environmental protection and help them in their work,
  6. Going on a mission allows you to get out of your daily life,
  7. You will meet people who share the same commitment to nature and solidarity,
  8. You will live in an international atmosphere, speak a foreign language,
  9. Eco-volunteering also allows you to experiment with a profession,
  10. You will learn new skills.

For ecovolunteers, the word "travel" rhymes with "action"!

Thanks to their action in the field and their financial support, ecovolunteers guarantee the continuation of programs of research, conservation and protection of wild fauna and flora. Part of this work, and in some cases all of it, owes its implementation to the physical and financial contribution of the ecovolunteers!

The ecovolunteer carries out a militant and solidarity act.

By its action, the eco-voluntary is essential to the smooth running and sometimes even the existence of many conservation programs. In fact, budgets allocated for nature protection are often poor and NGOs need support, both financial and labor. As a result, the contribution of ecovolunteers is often crucial for these programs to continue.

All ecovolunteers share the same goal: to act for biodiversity.

Eco-volunteering is:

  • An ethical and rewarding journey
  • Solidarity and useful action for biodiversity
  • Give of your time and concretely help a project of protection of the nature
  • A donation that will also financially help the project