sobriete travel

FOR A SOBRIETY OF TRAVEL. Our measures for a sustainable and respectful trip

Cybelle Planète has always been an association bringing together people who love travel and nature. Our commitment to preserving biodiversity is more than ever strengthened and we wish to continue to offer participatory environmental travel solutions, in line with our convictions.

Travel longer

  • La minimum duration of trips international is 2 weeks.
  • A lump sum donation of € 100 will be added to the biodiversity donation paid by travelers leaving less than 3 weeks. This amount will be added to a compensation fund that will finance carbon offset programs selected by Cybelle Planète as well as the development of new partnerships with biodiversity protection programs contributing to the territorial compensation of their trip.
  • The journeys of a 3 weeks minimum duration are favored, estimated minimum time for the mission of the ecovolunteer to have a sufficient impact for territorial compensation, carbon compensation remains optional. Amount you have to pay biodiversity gift is reduced donation compared to the amount requested from ecovolunteers participating less than 3 weeks.

Travel less, dream your trip

  • The long-term registrations are favored. Thus we give the possibility to people registering at least 9 months in advance to monthlyize their biodiversity donation, thanks to the helloasso payment platform. It is also possible to create a page of crowdfunding to allow your loved ones to help you in your project

Get informed before your departure

It is important to be able to choose the eco-volunteering mission that will allow you to make yourself really useful for the planet, in order to avoid the pitfalls of a mission built on false promises. Nothing can replace information. We offer you an ethical charter for eco-volunteering, And 10 points to better understand eco-volunteering

Our eco-volunteering guide It will also give you a better idea of ​​what your experience in the field will look like.