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Why engage with the association Cybelle Planète?

Becoming ecovoluntary is a real personal commitment, so it seems logical that the choice of the ecovolunteering structure is an important element in decision-making.

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In addition to your volunteer participation in one of our eco-volunteering missions, you perform a Biodiversity Donation to Cybelle Planète which will be largely donated to the project for which you are committed. This donation is essential for the continuation of the project in the long term because it allows him to buy new equipment, veterinary equipment and food for animals, to pay his staff ... He also contributes to Cybelle's survival Planet. The amount of the biodiversity donation is calculated according to the duration of your commitment and the specific needs of the project.


Cybelle Planète is committed since 2005 towards the ecovolontariat. Since then, our passion for participatory travel has become a real professional expertise. Doing eco-volunteering does not necessarily mean taking reckless risks. By going on one of our missions, you benefit from professional support and guarantees equivalent to those offered by tourist travel operators.


Our team is made up of nature protection specialists. We have chosen to limit the number of missions we propose to perform rigorous selection and regular monitoring of projects eco-volunteering. We only work in direct relation with the project that will host you, or we organize your mission ourselves. In any case, we never use an intermediary.


Cybelle Planète has always been committed to promoting an ethical and transparent eco-volunteering. We launched the creation of the Charter of Ecovolunteering and Charter of Ecovolunteers through participatory consultations. So, our ethical positioning best meets your expectations. 

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