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rigorous project selection and regular evaluation

Selection missions

All the missions we offer have been subject to a rigorous selection process conducted by scientists of the team. This can be very long because it always involves an assessment on the following criteria:

- Scientific quality of the project and its scientific referents;

- Relevance of the topic of study / conservation especially for local biodiversity;

- Experience of hosting project;

- Involvement of ecovolunteers, practical value of their contribution;

- Management of eco-volunteers;

- Safety of eco-volunteers;

- Distribution of the use of the financial contribution of eco-volunteers;

- Project impact on the local economy;

- Social impact of the project: involvement of local people in the life of the community ...;

- Respect the socio-economic and environmental balance.

We are in constant contact with the project thanks

  • a regular exchange between our eco-volunteering service and our partners;
  • to testimonies ecovolunteers that allow us to have a steady return on the internal functioning;
  • the report of the project awarded after each participation of an eco-volunteer;
  • the detailed annual report that we ask each project.

Most Cybelle Planète

Empower our partners

Each project partner has its own function and its own rules. We respect this and our commitment to them is limited to offering our expertise and experience, when necessary, for the establishment and support of missions. We do not wish to intrude beyond these limits in order to best comply with the autonomy of our partners.

Respect for local lifestyles

The host projects are professionals in the preservation of the environment and not tour operators. The eco-volunteers will share their daily lives and living comfort is very variable depending on the mission. We chose not to impose our partners of reception conditions following Western standards so they can continue to direct their efforts towards biodiversity.

Realistic information

We try to give ecovolunteers prior to enrollment, the most realistic information possible regarding the housing conditions they find on arrival. Making eco-volunteering is a choice to act in compliance with local lifestyles, conscientiously.

Taking account of the experience feedback ecovolunteers

Your comments are important to us. Several hundred people participating in our eco-volunteering tasks are better than all records in the world. Every feedback is carefully studied, we strive to improve our services and those offered by the host projects.