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The eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planet

A tool of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for companies.

The eco-solidarity leave allows employees to leave, alone or with others, on an eco-volunteering mission during their leave or RTT with the financial support of their employer. They bring their motivations and skills to a project to preserve biodiversity.

The implementation of the eco-solidarity leave takes the form of a sponsorship partnership between the employer and the association Cybelle Planète.

The eco-solidarity leave offers the employer the opportunity to get involved and concretely develop its strategy for the preservation of biodiversity and the planet internally. It is a remarkable tool for employers wishing to invest in a policy of sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR).

The eco-solidarity leave involves 4 actors:

The employer

It confirms its investment in nature: company, foundation or association, the employer becomes a patron of Cybelle Planète. It financially supports a project to protect biodiversity. Its employees help this project during their holidays.

The employee (s)

They take advantage of their holidays to help a local project. The employee (s) bring their motivation and skills to a biodiversity preservation project. On their return they will have acquired new knowledge and will be enriched by their experience.

Cybelle Planète

We support you in your project. Cybelle Planète helps the employer in setting up eco-solidarity leave. We organize the employees' mission taking into account the constraints and demands of the employer and his employees.


Our partner welcomes employees. Cybelle Planète selects eco-volunteering projects for the quality of their program and their actions in the field. During their mission, the ecovolunteers are integrated into the local team and receive the necessary supervision.

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