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ecosolidary leave

Eco-solidarity leave for companies

download brochureAre you an employer or entrepreneur and you want to contribute to the protection of biodiversity?

Eco-Solidarity Leave is a remarkable tool for organizations wishing to invest in a sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR) policy. We offer a way for employers and their employees to realize their commitment to biodiversity and the planet.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Legal form of the partner company

All legal forms can make a partnership of eco-solidarity leave with us: private company, corporate foundation, association, or public body.

Partnership agreement

A partnership agreement, patronage type, is signed between the employer and Cybelle Planète.

Your gift of patronage will help Cybelle Planète and the project of your choice. This donation will also allow your employees to go on a mission during their leave.
Non-exclusive, the sponsorship agreement with Cybelle Planet will have no impact on other sponsorship agreements that your company may already have signed.

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We will discuss together, prior to signing, the terms of the partnership, including:

  • The duration of the partnership (minimum one year);
  • The number of employees paid by the employer;
  • Eligible ecovolunteer projects;
  • The procedure for applying for eco-solidarity leave by an employee within your company; the conditions of acceptances, ...

Business Benefits Partner

Concrete investment in a sustainable development and responsibility policy (CSR)

You support one or more biodiversity conservation projects on the one hand by allowing your employees to offer their time and expertise, and on the other hand by financially supporting the mission. This is an additional argument to put forward in external and internal communications.

Original expression of social responsibility

Eco-volunteering is a relatively new and growing activity, based on the active participation of citizens.

Strengthening the link with your employees

Around the values ​​inherent to eco-volunteering: sharing, action, environmental protection, solidarity ...

Motivation of employees

Who will be able during their holidays to bring their skills and goodwill to nature conservation projects.

Strengthening well-being at work

An employee with an ethical project (which makes sense) and who is supported by his employer, will in turn invest more in his professional environment.

Team-building and group cohesion of employees

Going to several employees on eco-solidarity leave makes it possible to create links different from those that one develops in the office. The eco-volunteering mission enables them to work together toward a common goal, that of preserving biodiversity. Nothing like the change of scenery and the collaboration on unfamiliar ground to bind employees and teach them to work better together in all circumstances.

Employee enrichment

During their eco-volunteering mission, they develop skills and new know-how.

Tax deduction

You can deduct 60% of your sponsorship donation from your tax. Learn more

An additional argument for your employees

In the current climate, this concrete investment for the preservation of biodiversity can favor partnerships and professional collaborations ...

Role and commitment of Cybelle Planète

A professional organization

Cybelle Planète supports the organization of the mission and will thus allow employers to easily and easily set up the eco-solidarity leave of their employee (s). We accompany you in the follow-up of the file, and make the relay with the project of reception, of the taking of information until the evaluation of the mission. find out more about organizing an eco-solidarity leave.

Each registered ecovolunteer benefits from a liability and repatriation insurance, valid throughout the duration of his mission. We also offer complementary insurance (including cancellation) that will allow your employees to leave safely. Learn more about insurance.

Finally we can arrange for you to book tickets (plane or train) of your employees. A saving of precious time! know more

Rigorous selection of Cybelle Planète's partner projects.

Cybelle Planète selects and evaluates the eco-volunteering projects it proposes. It is the guarantee of a useful and rewarding mission for your employees. Learn more about our expertise.

Individualized advice

We take into account the constraints imposed by the employer and the employee: dates, country, type of mission, duration ...

Custom information

Depending on the chosen mission, we will be able to answer specific questions concerning the organization of the trip (insurance, visas, health, appointments ...), and the project of the mission and the implication that the future ecovolunteers will have.

Communication tools

To communicate with your teams internally, Cybelle Planète sends you a communication kit: brochures, flyers ... We reserve a dedicated space on our website to display your logo.

We give you the opportunity to concretize your commitment with us.

Since its creation, Cybelle Planète has been committed to developing ecovolunteer projects according to an ethic that respects people, nature and the planet.

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What cost for the employer?

The employer pays the mission expenses of his employees.

Mission expenses include: Donation of patronage - or biodiversity donation - (mandatory), additional insurance (optional), transportation (optional), and Support Membership employees (which can be paid for by the employees themselves).

Only the Gift of Patronage and membership are tax deductible.

Tax benefit

Companies can benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amount of the payments made within the limit of 5 per thousand of the turnover (article 238 bis of the General Tax Code).

A tax receipt may be sent to them for each contribution to an eco-solidarity leave, on the return of the employees' mission. Learn more about donations.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us !

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