Eco-solidarity leave for employees 

GUIDESBelow are our answers to questions that are frequently asked to us by employees interested in or registered in an eco-volunteering mission as part of an eco-solidarity leave. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us !

What are the advantages of an eco-volunteering mission for an employee?

By going on an eco-volunteering mission you will enrich yourself in several ways, so many additional arguments to convince your employer!

  • Development of new skills and better adaptability to the unexpected;
  • Personal enrichment ;
  • Valorization additional in the professional environment;
  • Strengthening team spirit for employees who leave in a group;
  • Building self-confidence ;
  • Practice of a foreign language and work in an international environment (for international missions).

How long can my mission be?

The minimum duration of participation is determined according to the project, it varies between 1 and 12 weeks. However, we advise the ecovolunteers to provide a minimum of 2 weeks of participation, which will allow them to better understand the project, to help the mission more efficiently, and to offset the CO2 emissions due to the flight.

The maximum duration of your assignment is determined by your employer when setting up the partnership with Cybelle Planète. The latter also varies depending on the project in which you participate.

What conditions are necessary to benefit from eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète?

To be able to benefit from an eco-solidarity leave, you just need to be an employee of a partner company (or who wishes to become a partner) of Cybelle Planète, to have an open mind and a good capacity of adaptation. The eco-solidarity leave will take place during your leave (or RTT) and can not exceed the duration.
The skills and pre-requisites of employees vary according to the ecovolunteering mission in which they participate:

  • A variable and adaptable level of physical fitness
  • No naturalistic or scientific expertise is required, supervised by professionals, you learn the necessary on site
  • Be available minimum one or two weeks
  • To want to act concretely for nature
  • Speak the language of the project on the spot

Can I finance my eco-volunteering mission by my employer?

Your employer can take care of everything, biodiversity donation associated with one of our eco-volunteering missions. To do this, you just need to set up a sponsorship partnership between your employer and Cybelle Planète (if it does not yet exist!).

Who speak in my business?

According to the company the interlocutors are not the same. Here are some avenues that will help you guide your efforts: human resources department, responsible for sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR), Works Council, or Corporate Foundation.

What part of my mission costs my employer can it support?

The employer's contribution is defined by the sponsorship agreement between your employer and Cybelle Planète. But only your employer decides how much of your mission expenses will be covered: the biodiversity donation, but also additional insurance, your membership, your trip ... it does not depend on us.

In all cases, only biodiversity donation and membership are tax deductible.

What if my employer does not fund my mission?

It happens that some employers do not wish to contribute to the eco-solidarity leave of their employees. You can of course always leave! Financing by your employer is only an option.

You can participate freely in one of our projects during your holidays by following the standard registration procedure. Other financing solutions are possible.

How can I do if my employer does not already have an eco-solidarity leave partnership with Cybelle Planète?

If your employer has not yet concluded a partnership of eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète, you can suggest the establishment and be the first employee to go through it. Become a volunteer ambassador for Cybelle Planète !

Do not hesitate to give us the details of the person in charge in your company, we will contact her (in consultation with you) to discuss the terms of partnership of eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète.

How to talk about eco-volunteering to my colleagues and my employer?

You can help us to promote eco-volunteering and eco-solidarity leaves by talking to your relatives, your colleagues and your employer. Become a volunteer ambassador for Cybelle Planète, and use without moderation the tools that we put at your disposal!

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What is the International Solidarity Leave (ICS)?

International solidarity leave is governed by law (Law n ° 95-116 of 4 February 1995) which defines the conditions for employee participation. Not charged against annual leave, but also unpaid, international solidarity leave cannot exceed 6 months and temporarily suspends the employment contract.

The eco-solidarity leave partnership with Cybelle Planète, does not fall under its provisions and is only free negotiation between an employer and his or her employees.

What is the difference with the Congés Solidaires®?

The term Congés solidaires® is a trademark registered by the Planète Urgence association. Like the Congés Solidaires®, the eco-solidarity leaves that we offer describe a cooperation between a company, employees and an eco-volunteering association (Cybelle Planète). The principle therefore remains the same.