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Some testimonies from eco-solidarity holidays

Mission Expedition to the Pelagos Sanctuary, study of cetaceans and biodiversity

LVC Logo"As director of a dance school, going on eco-friendly leave with Cybelle Planète for a cetacean mission was the opportunity to prepare and feed the work of the coming school year.
We work each year on a given theme. For this school year, which follows my ecosolidary leave, the theme is water, both as a resource and environment to be preserved.
My week at sea with Cybelle Planète is a source of images, experiences and knowledge to share, which feeds the development of the theme in the courses and the end of the year show. " JULIE MAGRI

Mangrove plantation and environmental education mission at Lake Ahémé and Avloh, Benin

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« Techné's motives in setting up an eco-solidarity leave for 14 people were to participate in all forms of responsible travel in natural areas, in order to contribute to the protection of the environment and the well-being of the population. local.
All while remaining humble and careful not to give any lessons, being open to listen, learn, know and communicate.
The choice of Cybelle Planète has been endorsed following a request for adaptation consistent with our motivations and an ideal relationship that meets the requirements of our needs. »

Mission for the conservation of turtles in Thailand

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"Our campsite Lou Pantai Pradet in the Var has a global approach to sustainable development that impacts different areas. One of the many actions is to collect 2 € on each stay made with us to finance a mission per year of international solidarity or preservation of bio-diversity. Cybelle Planète advised us in the choice of our mission and helped us in the concrete implementation and enlightened us and accompanied us on the administrative formalities of eco-volunteering. So things seemed simple, the availability of our interlocutor and the precise answers to our questions were a real plus. The fact that the supported projects are sustainable and tracked over time by Cybelle Planet was also a definite advantage"."

Missions "Przewalski horses" in Mongolia and "Conservation of marine turtles" in Thailand

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"The first request for solidarity leave came from a collaborator, in love with nature, she was involved in a mission to the wild horses of Mongolia. We accepted because Bleu Voyages is open to this type of initiative. Conscious of the impact of our sector of activity on the ecology, we sensitize the collaborators during internal events, the responsible actions, within the framework of our foundation or by encouraging them through their personal steps. Today we support another of our collaborators who goes to Thailand to treat turtles. "ODIN VIRGINIA

"Dolphin Monitoring" Missions in Italy, "Vervet Monkey Sanctuary" in South Africa and "Wildlife Monitoring" in South Africa

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"Through our solidarity program" AdonEarth ", created 2 years ago, we support our employees in their eco-citizen commitment. In barely a year, three Adonians have gone on an eco-volunteering mission with the organization Cybelle Planète for missions of protection and safeguard of animals. We thank Shoshana, our contact, who was of a precious help by accompanying us during the organization and the follow-up of the departures. our program "AdonEarth" ".FLORA VANDENBUSSCHE

To discover also: The testimony of Marie-Eve, consultant at ADONE CONSEIL, who joined the Vervet monkey rescue mission in South Africa.


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