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After my eco-volunteering mission

Eco-volunteering is a unique opportunity to live, for a few weeks, at the heart of a program for the conservation of flora and fauna. Eco-volunteers learn a lot of new things, on ecology and local species, on how to provide care for wild species, on better living together, etc ... In addition to the many discoveries, ecovolunteers are pleased to have been able to contribute concretely to the preservation of biodiversity. It is therefore pumped up, enriched by this wonderful experience and these wonderful encounters, that the volunteers return from their mission.

Many ecovolunteers only think about one thing: the next mission. But the latter will only take place in several months, if not a few years. The volunteers get back to their daily life and their habits. But can life really be like before the mission ?

Until we can leave again, or find another cause to defend, maybe there are still some actions to continue to help ? How to invest yourself beyond daily actions (waste sorting, responsible consumption,…)? Here are some tips:

Financially support the biodiversity protection program (s)

To allow you to help the project of your choice, without necessarily going on a mission, we have set up a solidarity fund dedicated to our partner programs. You can make your donation to the program of your choice directly online. At the end of each calendar year, all the donations collected will be donated to our partners. This financial assistance is in addition to the donations collected thanks to ecovolunteers.

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Become an eco-ambassador in my company

Help us promote eco-volunteering in your company by talking about eco-solidarity holidays.

Cybelle Planète sets up sponsorship partnerships with companies that wish to invest with their employees in a CSR process. These are eco-solidarity leave that allow employees who wish to go on an eco-volunteering mission thanks to the financial support of their employer.
Put on your costumeeco-ambassador and present to your employer and your colleagues the interest and the advantages offered by eco-volunteering and eco-solidarity leave!

Help Cybelle Planet

The first thing you can do when you get back is to leave your testimonial online. Your testimonials remain for us the best way to make ourselves known and to talk about our missions.

Cybelle Planète lives mainly from donations from ecovolunteers and sponsorship. You can continue to support our actions by carrying out a donation to Cybelle Planète.

If you want to go further with us, you can become office or field volunteer for Cybelle Planète. We regularly need additional help, our ads are published online as well as on our Facebook page.

Finally, you can always help us promote Cybelle Planète and eco-volunteering by following us on our pages Facebook, our account Instagram and on our channel Youtube.

Plan your next mission in advance

If you are already thinking of leaving, we invite you to set up your trips with sobriety and respect. For this, we decided to favor eco-volunteers who go longer and less often on trips.