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In retraining, job seeker ...


You are currently thinking and want to enrich your experience and your resume while making yourself useful? Eco-volunteering allows you to experiment with certain activities related to a particular occupation and to acquire skills that are useful for your career change.

Or simply, looking for a job, you have a skills already in your pocket that you want to make available to a project that works for the protection of biodiversity.

Testimony of Alexandra, ecovolunteer at the wildlife sanctuary:
"Job seeker and passionate about animals, I was at a turning point in my life, I wanted to radically change my job. The job of carer for wild animals attracted me particularly but I needed to experiment and to gain experience before being sure of my choice and to be able to claim a place in a specialized school. So I turned to ecovolunteering abroad. This allowed me to integrate a sanctuary for wild animals and live the daily life of a trainer. A decision that radically changed my life and left an indelible memory in my heart ... "

The advantages of ecovolunteering in 10 points

  1. Experience gained in the field related to your professional project, develop skills

  2. Validate learning,

  3. Develop your professional network,

  4. To enrich oneself humanly, to discover different cultures,

  5. Improve your level of foreign languages,

  6. Feel useful and responsible towards the planet,

  7. Participate in the protection of biodiversity,

  8. No need for experience or special skill just be in good physical condition and read the details of the recommended conditions for each mission.

  9. A reduced Biodiversity Donation for missions of more than 3 weeks,

  10. The biodiversity donation allows a tax deduction up to 66% *.

* for persons subject to income tax

In professional reconversion, why become ecovoluntary?

Take advantage of this break to enrich your CV by acquiring and developing new skills useful for your future job

You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field, depending on the mission you are involved in, in one or more specific areas, such as Communication, Veterinary, Ethology, Conservation Biology.

Eco-volunteering allows you to enjoy your free time by making yourself useful for the planet

When looking for a job, the period is often for an indefinite period. You are entitled to holidays and wish to enjoy your holidays in a useful way. Eco-volunteering allows one hand to support on the spot a project of preservation of the biodiversity, on the one hand thanks to your presence in the field and on the other hand thanks to your Don Biodiversity, essential to the survival of the project. 

In active job search, need to breathe and go on an adventure

Eco-volunteering is a real way to travel off the beaten path and come out spiritually "grown up". It is a journey that allows you to give your own and to concretely commit to a project that is useful for the protection of biodiversity. Often far from civilization, it allows you to relax and open up to other cultures with the present staff and other ecovolunteers from around the world.

Eco-volunteering and the profession of animal trainer

Passionate about nature, many of you want to change your life, retrain yourself professionally or simply give meaning to your life. Some decide to become an animal trainer for wild animals. In this specific case, certain eco-volunteering missions offer the possibility of meeting wild animals in a refuge and thus contributing to their well-being by providing them with appropriate care: meal preparation and feeding, maintains enclosures, monitoring The majority of French training centers require applicants to already have field experience of several weeks. In the form of an internship with or without a contract, eco-volunteering is a unique opportunity to enrich your CV in this area and thus give yourself every chance to access the professional title of "animal trainer".

Our advice

Setting up a mission takes time. It is recommended to apply a few months in advance.


  • A reduced Biodiversity Donation for students and job seekers: Cybelle Planète wishes to give everyone the chance to commit to the planet. The goal of Cybelle Planète is not to make profit but to work for a more participative and citizen ecology!
  • You can not finance your mission alone, try crowdfunding and ask your loved ones to help you!
  • Un ECOVOLONTAIRE t-shirt offered for any registration to an ecovolunteer mission.