When you retire, take time for yourself and the planet ...


Are you retired, in great shape and dreaming of making yourself useful and traveling? Eco-volunteering is yours! You will discover new cultures, explore new horizons, while being useful and committed to the planet.

Testimony of Bea, ecovolunteer at the shrine of the wolves in Portugal: "This mission brought me a lot of happiness and joy, I enjoyed this isolated life in the wilderness, I was able to marvel at the magnificent Iberian wolves we approached, photographed and filmed. protect, raise awareness for the conservation of wildlife, appreciate each moment in full awareness in an exceptional place with passionate people. "

The advantages of ecovolunteering in 10 points

  1. Feel useful and responsible towards the planet,

  2. Participate in the protection of biodiversity,

  3. Meet people of all ages, from different cultures and countries,

  4. To lend a hand and financially support a project that works for the protection of biodiversity,

  5. Want to travel off the beaten track, vto go to the end of the world,

  6. Integrate a motivated team,

  7. Share this moment with your family or your spouse,

  8. No need for experience or special skill just be in good physical condition and read the details of the recommended conditions for each mission.

  9. Cybelle Planète accompanies you throughout your project,

  10. The biodiversity donation allows a tax deduction up to 66% *.

* for persons subject to income tax

Retired (e), why become ecovoluntary?

Make yourself useful during your free time

During your free time you want to make yourself useful by participating in the protection of the planet and its inhabitants. Eco-volunteering enables all citizens to make a practical commitment in the field by supporting biodiversity conservation programs and by helping them financially through biodiversity donation.

Traveling off the beaten path, make sense of your holidays

Bored of all these offers of organized trips (group tour, holiday club etc ...) where everything is partitioned without leaving much room for the unexpected and human and animal encounters. Eco-volunteering is a real alternative to this kind of "classic" travel. Depending on the chosen mission you meet local people, observe wild animals and bring concrete help in the field.

Want to participate in a joint project with your loved ones

Eco-volunteering allows you to take on board all your family and / or friends! It's an unforgettable experience to share with your loved ones; children and small children (from 18 years, minors are accepted on certain missions), spouse, friends etc ...

Personalized accompaniment throughout the adventure

The association Cybelle Planète guides you and advises you in the organization * of your trip: choice of the mission and destination, advice on the administrative procedures to be carried out (visas, vaccines etc ...), booking air tickets, etc ... On each mission, you are supervised by a team of professionals that you help in their daily work: animal tracking, behavioral studies, care, environmental education ...

Our advice

Setting up a mission takes time. It is recommended to apply a few months in advance.


  • A reduced Biodiversity Donation for students and job seekers: Cybelle Planète wishes to give everyone the chance to commit to the planet. The goal of Cybelle Planète is not to make profit but to work for a more participative and citizen ecology!
  • You can not finance your mission alone, try crowdfunding and ask your loved ones to help you!
  • Un ECOVOLONTAIRE t-shirt offered for any registration to an ecovolunteer mission.