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2020 covid19

Special information Coronavirus covid19.

18st June 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cybelle Planète has decided to implement the following measures: 

  • Cancelregistration for international missions (outside Europe) until December 2020.
  • Maintain the mission cetaceans in the Pelagos from July 11, 2020.
  • Reopen the mission to the sanctuary of the Iberian Wolves in Portugal from August 12, 2020.

Participation in eco-volunteering missions is subject to specific conditions for Covid-19, please read it!

This information is regularly readjusted according to news from countries and partner projects!

A credit or a refund after 18 months

Agree the ordinance taken in application of article 11 of the law n ° 2020-290 of March 23, 2020 of urgency to face the epidemic of covid-19, any cancellation occurring due to the health crisis, may be postponed within 18 months of the cancellation date, and may not give rise to a refund until after this period of 18 months.

Covid-19 impact on wildlife conservation programs

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has had a strong impact on Cybelle Planète as well as all of our partner programs. We remain in permanent contact with the various international projects, especially since they have suffered a sudden stop in aid from ecovolunteers, until further notice. Most of our partners rely heavily on aid on the ground and financial donations from eco-volunteers. The repercussions were therefore violent and significant for the animals and for the local employees who depend on them!

The absence of ecovolunteers is keenly felt. In the sanctuaries, the members of the project still present must take charge alone of providing the daily care necessary for the survival of the many animals. The cost of animal feed and veterinary products has increased dramatically, forcing projects to tap into their meager cash reserves, or even personal donations, to keep animals housed and cared for in good condition. 

For projects in the wilderness, urgent field operations of course continued, but depending on the means and possibilities. The daily monitoring of wild fauna, necessary for the study of endangered species and their protection, has been very slow, sometimes opening the door to poachers and illegal trafficking in species. 

Finally, for all the projects, the absence of eco-volunteers plunged them into a silent and isolated universe, devoid of exchanges and sharing ...