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Breakdown of mission expenses for eco-volunteers

Cybelle Planète is a non-profit organization. The benefits are totally dedicated to the functioning of the association to achieve its objectives! We always choose sharing, fairness and solidarity for all our actions. When an eco-volunteer chooses to leave with Cybele Planet, in addition to his actual participation in the mission he pays a "mission" donation. The amount of the "mission" donation is calculated according to the needs of the project and will therefore vary from one mission to another.

Or does your money go? We try to answer this question as clearly as possible.

Registration of individuals and eco-solidary leave

ecovolunteers distribution costs

55% of your donation will be donated to the project partner:

  • Salarier project staff;
  • Buy, renew, repair medical and technical equipment, enclosures, fences ...;
  • Obtain medicines and food for animals;
  • Pay land rental (for sanctuaries but also for conservation projects that wish to lease land for reforestation and the planting of endemic species), or even sometimes to buy the freedom of animals!
  • Create communication media, awareness, information for local residents and tourists;
  • Train local and students so they can work in their city / town / country, while developing responsible and sustainable economy, taking into account their resources and the conservation of fauna and flora. 
  • Financing your accommodation, your food, and go;

45% of your donation is used by Cybelle Planet for:

  • 25% : Rewarding the eco-volunteer service in charge of relations with partner projects and eco-volunteers before, during and after their mission;
  • 10% : Coordinate study and annually evaluate our partner projects, update customer information;
  • 5% : Financing communications plans and awareness on eco-volunteering and preservation of the environment;
  • 5% Administration and management associations.

Students and job seekers

70% Your gift is donated to the project partner

30% your donation is used by Cybelle Planet

reduced distribution costs ecovolunteers