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BANDEAU CP Expedition cetaces 2020

Press release, Nov 2019:

Summer holidays to protect cetaceans.

2020: Cybelle Planète once again calls on citizens to participate in the study of Mediterranean threatened species.

Weeks sailing to identify and study marine species and their environment. This participatory study is conducted from 2005 thanks to the ecovolunteers who embark on a week of ecovolunteering between June and September. Under the guidance of an eco-guide, participants help collect naturalistic information that is added to a freely shared database with the scientific community.

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BANDEAU CP trendy travelers engages

Press release, May 2019:

Eco-volunteering, the new trend of committed travelers for the planet!

It is possible today to travel responsibly.

A true alternative to classical tourism, eco-volunteering is a committed act, a gift of oneself for an ethical, solidarity-based and useful mode of travel for the planet. French non-profit association, Cybelle Planète works since 2005 in the field of participative travel. Nearly 3 000 ecovolunteers have already trusted us by committing to one of the 19 eco-volunteering missions we offer in 13 different countries!