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CP cybelle planet sustainable travel

Press release, October 2020

Ecovolunteering: how to travel in a more sustainable way? 

Closely linked to the loss of biodiversity, the pandemic reminds us of the urgency to change our behavior. How to continue to support international wildlife protection projects while reducing the impact of volunteering on the environment?
Anxious to continue its commitment, Cybelle Planète took three measures for more sustainable missions.

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CP Cybelle Planete 2020 Headband

Press release, February 2020:

Solidarity holidays for Mediterranean cetaceans.

2020: Citizens, take part in Cybelle Planète expeditions for the protection of threatened Mediterranean species.

This is not the time to relax, this year again the Cybelle Planète association is organizing again sailing expeditions to identify and study marine species and their environment. This participatory study is conducted from 2005 thanks to the ecovolunteers who embark on a week of ecovolunteering between June and September. Under the guidance of an eco-guide, participants help collect naturalistic information that is added to a freely shared database with the scientific community.