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Press release, January 2018: Eco-volunteering missions in the Mediterranean Sea for the protection of marine life.


The Cybelle Planète association has been offering eco-volunteering missions in sailboats in the Mediterranean Sea for 12 years. In 2018, from June to September, 13 weeks of study of offshore fauna will allow eco-volunteers to identify marine species: whales, sperm whales, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, sharks, fish ...

On board, ecovolunteers collect information on species and the marine environment. These are added to a database freely shared with the scientific community. Ecovolunteers, led by a trained eco-guide, will have the opportunity to collect data from  EXPERT level !

MEDITERRANEAN CYBELLE is a participatory science program at sea since 2009. The aim is to collect information on marine marine fauna and to make it freely available to the scientific community. Getting to know these species better protects them. The database of Cybelle Méditerranée is fed by the observations of ecovolunteers, but also by those of boaters, thanks to the mobile application OBSenMER.



  • Navigation in the Pelagos sanctuary,
  • Crew consisting of 7 ecovolunteers, 1 eco-guide and 1 chef de bord,
  • Respectful navigation of the sea and its inhabitants,
  • An exceptional fauna : whales, sperm whales, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and sharks ...
  • More 900 ecovolunteers onboard from 2006 ! (see the testimonials on our website),
  • Contribution to more than 12 scientific publications
  • No skill is required to participate !

* Each expedition depends on the weather conditions.


Cybelle Planète also offers eco-solidarity leave for companies looking for a sustainable development policy! Cybelle Planète's partner companies help their employees become ecovolunteers during their holidays by financing their mission.

In short:
subject: Study cetaceans aboard a sailboat, collect data
Who : The association Cybelle Planète
Where: In the Mediterranean Sea in the Pelagos Sanctuary
when: Between the 16 / 06 and the 14 / 09 / 2018
For who : Any major person wishing to act for marine animals.
Goal : Participate in marine wildlife monitoring - collect data for science
Comment: Aboard a sailboat with an eco-guide and a chef-de-bord to supervise the eco-friendly 7 crew
Duration : 7 days. Navigation from sunrise to sunset with one or more nights off (depending on the weather)
Mission expenses: From 1100 €, the expenses of missions include the lodging on the sailboat in full board: (Tax deduction: For the individuals, the participation gives right to a tax deduction of 66% and for the companies, 60%).

=> Discover the expeditions in the Pelagos sanctuary

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planète is an association of participative ecology. Its purpose is to promote citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The axes of action of the association being:

  • Ecovolontariat with Cybelle Ecovolontariat,
  • Participatory sciences with Cybelle Méditerranée,
  • Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
  • Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.

Press Contact :
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Press release, August 2017: OBSenMER Mediterranean

A platform and a mobile application serving collectors of data on Mediterranean marine fauna: accessible to all, from beginners to expert collectors.

Let us all act together to protect and preserve our marine heritage!

> OBSenMER is a collaborative project dedicated to the study of marine fauna which is aimed at everyone: boaters, users of the sea, associations, amateur or professional naturalists, scientists and environmental managers.
> Perfectly suited to participatory science programs at sea, OBSenMER brings together all marine wildlife enthusiasts in a unique participatory network so that they can collect, consult, manage, archive and share data freely and free of charge. collected by all participants.
> Born from a partnership between two expert associations in the collection of data at sea, Cybelle Planète and the GECC (Cotentin Cetaceans Study Group), OBSenMER is a nationwide network. The administration is divided into different zones: Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Antilles, Guyana, Indian Ocean. In the Mediterranean Sea, Cybelle Planète is responsible for administering the OBSenMER network.

OBSenMER is a large network dedicated to collectors and data users.

The program is already very successful: since the 2017 network went online in March, more than 360 observations have been transmitted in the Mediterranean alone!


On a national level : OBSenMER provides a simple set of tools for collecting, consulting, managing, archiving and sharing information on marine fauna.

1 - An internet platform, :

A common space accessible to all, with a private access that allows to manage, see and download its own data and those of the whole community. Each structure can manage its own network of collectors.

OBSenMER Platform

2- A searchable and searchable database :

To centralize the data collected and enhance the involvement of each participant. A freely shared database within the domain of "public goods" (under Creative Commons License CC-by-NC).

Card Obs med aout 2017

3- A mobile application OBSenMER:

In just a few clicks, even offshore, we can report the animals we encounter via simple protocols and share the observations with the community. A free, easy, fast and fun way to achieve citizen action to preserve the environment.

Appli OBSenMER

=> 3 levels of observation, depending on the collector's experience:

> Free access:

The level 1: One-off observation => to report an animal observed at sea.
The level 2: Observation with effort => a careful watch of at least 15 minutes in navigation during which we report observed species (or not).

> In restricted access:

The level 3: Expert access => to collect scientific level data.

btn availableontheappstore   Available on Google Play

+ Tools dedicated to OBSenMER contributors in the Mediterranean area

  • A user guide for the Mediterranean area: To download To understand the Mediterranean context, the stakes, the protocols that are proposed by OBSenMER.
  • An identification sheet: To be printed and to plastify to better recognize Mediterranean species at sea.
  • An information brochure: To download Very useful for quickly understanding the operation of the network on the Mediterranean area

  • Training for EXPERT-level OBSenMER contributors

Since the expert level protocol is accessible only to qualified observers, Cybelle Planète now offers a free OBSENMER "EXPERT" training specific to data collection in the Mediterranean. The priority objective is to have expert contributors trained in the use of the application to ensure optimum collection of scientific data. Nb: Cybelle Planète organizes since 7 years a training for the ecoguides which frame the collection of data of expert level. We have thus formed more than 40 expert contributors.
=> More information about training

  • OBSenMER is also strong VALUES:

  • Free SHARING of knowledge: a freely shared database, in the field of "public goods" (under Creative Commons License CC-by-NC)
  • VALORIZING citizen involvement: the objective is to serve the greatest number while valorizing the work of each contributor.
  • RESPECT for marine fauna: OBSenMER was developed in order to observe the animals while respecting them. (Approach rules have been published and are available on the OBSenMER app).
  • Learn and TRANSMIT: Contributing to the protection of marine fauna is also an opportunity to develop knowledge. Accessible to young and old, the mobile application offers fun quizzes and identification sheets to recognize species. => More information about the values
  • Call for Volunteers OBSenMER:

The association Cybelle Planète has launched a major campaign calling for volunteers to help publicize OBSenMER Méditerranée. The association hopes to sensitize as many structures as possible so that they can in turn spread the message to the general public. Open to all good wishes!
=> See the announcement online

More information :

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planet is a participatory ecology association. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or biodiversity conservation (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The lines of action of the combination being:

  • Ecovolontariat with Cybelle Ecovolontariat,
  • Participatory sciences with Cybelle Méditerranée,
  • Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
  • Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.


Press Contact :
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+04 67 54 25 60 XNUMX

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