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Press release, September 2014: eco-volunteering, civic engagement and ethical mode of travel

The eco-volunteering can resemble a participatory tourism where ecovolunteers join a local team of professionals in the protection of biodiversity and help in the field.

In France this mode of travel is still too little known, but the number of fans is growing. A little less than a dozen agencies, non-profit mostly offer of eco-volunteering missions in French public. Among these is Cybelle Planète since 2005 for citizen participation in the actions of nature protection.

Increasing success

Since its inception, Cybelle Planète is requested by more and more eco-volunteers and projects. 5 recent years, the association has observed an increasing of 149% + of + ecovolunteers and 92% of the number of protection programs for biodiversity partners.

This success is due in part to a better understanding of eco-volunteering by the general public, but also certainly to scientific attention and ethics given by its founder, Céline Arnal, both in projects and returns to give ecovolunteers .

Anxious to give the eco-volunteering strong ethical and transparent, Cybelle Planète created in 2013 the Collective of Francophone eco-volunteering. This approach aims to create a virtuous and ethical practice network for both the organizers and the eco-volunteers.

The 3ème step in creating an Ethics of eco-volunteering starts. Give your opinion by answering to the public questionnaire before November 15!

Participate in civic construction of the first ethical charter of eco-volunteering.

The Collective of Francophone eco-volunteering begins the 3ème step in creating an Ethics of eco-volunteering. 2 the first steps have been very successful with eco-volunteers and professionals from the eco-volunteering and tourism.
To view or download the minutes of the 1 and 2 steps here.

Participation in 3 stage is now open, participate today in the collective debate or closure is announced for 15 November!

>> Participate in the development of the ethics charter of eco-volunteering.