Press Releases

Press release, October 2013:

Cybelle planet, participating in the development of a more ethical and responsible eco-volunteering

Cybelle planet is actively involved in the first Francophone Collective of eco-volunteering to promote ethical eco-volunteering. The objective of this collective is to clearly and unanimously define the Ecovolunteer and to create collectively a Code of Ethics.

Why define the eco-volunteering?

Despite the enthusiasm knows this activity, no formal definition exists. Who better than ecovolunteers and the eco-volunteering programs to propose?

Press release, October 2013:

Discover elsewhere and otherwise, through his employer and eco-solidarity leave

The eco-solidarity leave is a measure, enabling organizations or companies, the implementation of a policy of sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR).

The eco-solidarity leave is the establishment of missions eco-volunteering for employees of a company.
Being eco-friendly is voluntary use some of his free time to actually participate in projects that protect the fauna and flora. With ecovolunteers, the biodiversity conservation programs receive support on the ground, but also a significant financial contribution without which some missions could not exist.

The missions offered to companies and their employees are spread over 5 continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America). The structures which receive the eco-volunteers are NGOs or local associations working for eco-development and preservation of biodiversity.
As part of their mission, the ecovolunteers join a local team and share their commitment to the local fauna and flora through daily tasks.