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Press Release, April 2013

A citizen science program in the Mediterranean Sea

This program of the association Cybelle Planète, is for anyone sailing on a boat and / or practicing scuba diving.
Divers, boaters, scientists and enthusiasts participate together in monitoring the health of the Mediterranean Sea, in the long term and large scale!

The objective is to monitor marine biodiversity to better understand the impact of changes in the environment (including climate) on the Mediterranean Sea.
Cybelle Mediterranean is based on the contribution of amateurs, divers and boaters to do, without training, observations at sea. Simple methods were developed by the scientific and educational program commission. They are to monitor the distribution and the abundance of selected species (indicator of the state of environment). The information collected is directly returned by the contributors on the program website. In compliance with its code of ethics, the Mediterranean Cybelle program is open to all and data stored on the site are free to access and free to download.

More information on the participatory Cybelle Mediterranean science program

Divers and boaters, participate in the program Cybelle Mediterranean ...

Participation is free, free and very simple:

1. Register online at to create your account and personal space.

2. Once registered you will have the opportunity to order or download a free Cybelle Méditerranée observation kit adapted to your profile (diver or yachtsman). This kit will help you better understand the program and apply its protocols (diving pads, cash guides, user guide etc ...).

3. When you go out at sea, you will record your observations and record them on your account directly on the program's website.

4 2 nautical and underwater protocols protocols can track 75 marine species. Each observation is entered directly online and will be instantly added to the program's database.
Participate in sea observations: Cybelle Planète also organizes sailing weeks in July and August to collect information on cetaceans and other species of the open sea.

Learn more about the mission study of cetaceans and biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea

... And contribute to a concrete research program!

> "To better protect" is inextricably accompanied by "knowing better": long-term study and monitoring of biodiversity makes it possible to assess the impact of human activity on the marine environment (pollution, climate change, invasions of new species, etc.).

> Participatory sciences, which involve non-specialist amateurs, make it possible to multiply the resources. Follow long term biodiversity requires material and financial resources, the labor and time; This often hinders the "classic" research.

> Participatory science is a tool whose contributors and scientists derive mutual benefit: Participatory science in an educational and educational interest for contributors; they are also a practical and easy way to take action for the planet! As scientists, they get quality information and useful to their research.

The results of Cybelle Méditerranée program

The website program provides interactive visualization space of the data collected by the community. Thus, as and when the counting, it is possible to observe directly on cards and graphic distribution of animals.

The collection of data started in 2009, it will be necessary to wait another one or two years so that the first scientific analyzes can take place. In the meantime, everyone can freely consult the results online and follow their evolution as and when the contributions!

The new expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea, is now!

As warmer weather approaches, are already planning the next holiday: why not under the sun in the sea?

Imagine yourself on a sailboat at sea Mediterranean, off the coast. A week to watch dolphins jumping, the breath of whales, sperm tails and turtles that come to greet you ... plus contributing to the preservation of these magnificent animals!
The Cybelle Planète offers this adventure during 7 days from the 29 2013 June, becoming ecovolunteer. The crew is composed of 6 7 to ecovolunteers, an eco-guide and skipper charge of combining adventure and conservation of biodiversity!

The mission study of cetaceans and biodiversity in the Mediterranean aims to assess the impact of vessel traffic and to monitor marine biodiversity. The information collected is used by different research programs, led in particular by Cybelle Méditerranée et EcoOcéan Institute. No skill is required to participate.

Nearly 470 ecovolunteers have already participated in this mission and have provided valuable scientific data. They also had the opportunity to discover exceptional wildlife and landscapes that they did not even imagine existed before participating!

Register quickly on the boat from Hyères (Var) or Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). Mission expenses vary according to the low and the high season but are tax deductible:

Dates : From June to 29 30 2013 August
Mission expenses * : 7 days 950 1 100 to € €, depending participation period
* This participation entitles you to a tax deduction of 66% (for an individual).

Come alone, couple, with friends, we need you all to advance the research and preservation of the environment. In return, we promise you one of your best adventures and wonderful memories to share with your back!

Employers, employees, think eco-solidarity leave!

As an employer, you can offer your employees a mission of eco-volunteering during their holidays, and engage a little more in a policy of sustainable development and social responsibility for your business.
How? A partnership is concluded between Cybelle Planète and the company. The latter undertakes to finance the mission of its employees, which will take place during their holidays.

As an employee, talk to your employer!

Mission expenses for eco-solidarity leave *: From 1 093 1 265 to € €

* This participation entitles you to a tax deduction of 60% (for employers).

More information on eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète

Look what our ecovolunteers

More information on the participatory Cybelle Mediterranean science program

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