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Press release, January 2013:

Ecovolunteering: You too can act for Nature

An ecological and socially responsible way to travel

Is Ecovolunteering Reviews another way of traveling: ecovolunteers Participate in biodiversity preservation assignments. In the field They lend a hand by joining a scientific specialist team. They do not need to-have Any previous experience or special skills. They must be 18 years or older.

Once at the project, the ecovolunteers receive the necessary training required to participate.
The tasks to be Accomplished depends on the specific needs of the project; animal observation and data collection in the field, Giving care to animals-have-been rescued That in animal shelters, etc. Ecovolunteers aussi Participate in community life (meal preparation and housework).

Ecovolunteers participate in financing the scientific study by paying their stay. Scientists and natural park managers have a minimal budget which rarely covers their research work. Therefore ecovolunteers support is essential to the survival of biodiversity preservation projects.

In addition to Their shares in favor of the environment and local populations, ecovolunteers live unforgettable holidays at the very heart of the wilderness, Surrounded by amazing fauna and flora. Memorable encounters and lasting memories are guaranteed.

The non-profit

Cybelle Planete is a French non-profit created in 2005 That Was. We give our members the possibility to Participate in ecological volunteering projects, Organised in partnership with biodiversity specialists. Every year Cybelle Planete organized summer volunteering weeks to study cetaceans and biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. The non-profit HAS aussi about 20 --other projects all over the world Such As counting turtle hatchlings on an island in Thailand, participating in the study and monitoring of wildlife in South Africa or help with the monitoring of wild horses in Mongolia.

All of These projects are selected with care for Their environmental, scientific and socially responsible aspects. We 22 offers trips around the world and MOST are English speaking.

For more information check out our English website:

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Press Release November 2012: The National Forum of Responsible Tourism, an appointment not to be missed for travelers and tour operators ecovolunteers!

Cybelle Planète will participate in the National Responsible Tourism Forum to be held in Montpellier from 30 November to 2 December 2012.