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Whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean, July 2009

Many of us think we have to go abroad to observe cetaceans, yet only a few hours by boat you can see whales and dolphins off our Mediterranean coasts.

Cybelle Planet offers a little more than simple observations.

Our organization develops scientific projects in partnership with research laboratories to study whales and dolphins and their environment. Everyone can participateThis lasts a week on a sailboat off the coast of the Var and the French Riviera.

Volunteers for the Mediterranean Wed June 2009

Dive and navigate useful! Participating in our program only takes a few minutes and is useful for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cybelle Mediterranean program is the first participatory ecology program focused on the Mediterranean Sea.

This is to allow more fans diver or boaters gather information and sea and participate in a large Mediterranean network for monitoring the health of the Mediterranean Sea.