Cybelle Méditerranée, April 28 2009

Cybelle Mediterranean is a standby state of health
of the Mediterranean Sea.


This project brings together scientists and amateurs. Together they participate in the first long-term follow-up and large-scale marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

Follow the evolution of marine biodiversity

The Cybelle Mediterranean campaign over several years. It will track year after year, the evolution of marine biodiversity.

The main objective of the program is to better understand the impact of changes in the environment (including climate) on the Mediterranean Sea.

The principle

Cybelle Mediterranean is based on the free contribution of amateurs to conduct observations at sea.

The information collected will be added to a database that will be made available to the scientific community.

That can participate ?

All users of the sea, recreational divers and boaters can freely join the project.

How to participate ?

By registering on the site www.cybelle-mediterranee.orgThe volunteers can free download methods to be applied and the background material and educational tools.

No special training is required.

After collecting voluntary marine information can enter them directly online, on the forms provided and effect.

tested and validated methodologies

The proposed methodology is the result of two years of work. The Project Steering Committee is composed of twenty scientists of the marine environment and recreational divers. The first tests at sea have been performed 2008 and allowed to validate the methods that we offer today. The methods are both easy to use and scientifically exploitable. We offer methodologies for by diving or from boat.

Indicators of Mediterranean marine biodiversity

Since it is not possible to monitor all be living components of biodiversity, we selected indicator species of environmental balance. Their presence / absence or variations in their abundance gives us valuable information about the health of the marine ecosystem. So the volunteers will focus their attention on specific species of fish, animal species living on rocky bottoms, or jellyfish, sea turtles or cetaceans.

A citizen project

The study and long-term monitoring of biodiversity provide insight into the causes of disturbances which encounter. Such a program requires substantial resources (human and material), the institution can not afford. The amateur citizen participation multiplies gathering information on the ground.

Citizen science contribute to the advancement of knowledge, Allow everyone to act for the environment and raise awareness for the preservation of biodiversity.

Citizens' projects exist on land for over fifty years, and their usefulness is widely demonstrated. Cybelle Mediterranean is the first initiative of citizen science applied to the Mediterranean Sea

Who are we ?

The Cybelle Mediterranean program is supported by the association Cybelle Planète ( Since 2007, many partners (researchers, managers, divers, boat crew ...) contributed to its establishment.

our ethics

Cybelle Méditerranée follows an ethical charter pledging to foster among the sea of ​​users developing environmentally friendly behavior and free access to knowledge. The scientific expertise will be made independently of any ideological and / or economic conditions. Finally, no sampling of biological material will be made by amateurs.