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Volunteers for the Mediterranean Wed June 2009

Dive and navigate useful! Participating in our program only takes a few minutes and is useful for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cybelle Mediterranean program is the first participatory ecology program focused on the Mediterranean Sea.

This is to allow more fans diver or boaters gather information and sea and participate in a large Mediterranean network for monitoring the health of the Mediterranean Sea.

The principle is simple and accessible to all. Just register on our website and download the teaching methods and tools made available. The latter will allow their user to note the information useful during animal observations. Subsequently, always on our website, simple online forms will return the information to our association. All the data collected will be freely available to scientists, who will be able to follow, annually and on a large scale, the evolution of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

This program is implemented since 2007 by a group of specialists of the Mediterranean marine environment. So we can assure all participants that the information gathered will be useful in preserving the Mediterranean Sea.

Educational tools, as well as descriptive brochures, will help participants learn to recognize and observe species that are sometimes not even suspected!

For boaters, more often than one thinks, it is possible to see whales and dolphins. In a few lines it will be possible for us postpone this unusual meeting.

The divers will be able to devote a part of their dive to research and note some species of fish or animals living near the bottom! It may be the opportunity to discover the riches of our big blue ...

For more information and to participate, visit our website