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Smart Holidays: Go help studying cetaceans

Many of us think that we must travel far to watch cetaceans, yet only a few hours by boat you can see whales and dolphins off our Mediterranean coasts.

Cybelle Planet offers a little more than simple observations.

Our association contributes to scientific projectsIn partnership with research laboratories to study whales and dolphins and their environment. Observations at sea are noted, following specific protocols, and the information will be used for ongoing research.

Everyone can participateThis lasts a week on a sailboat off the coast of the Var and the French Riviera. On board a scientific guide provides the framework for eco-volunteers, and transmit to them the knowledge necessary to become good observers at sea. So, no prior skills are required to register.

These weeks at sea eco-volunteering will allow participants to live an extraordinary experienceWithin a group of people motivated by the protection of our big blue. They can observe rare and precious animals, such as the fin whale, the second largest animal in the world, the sperm whale or several species of dolphins.

The added value is the value of their trip.

The ecovolunteers act concretely to the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants, helping to daily observations at sea and the collection of scientific information.

Furthermore their financial interests serve to the projectWithout them the research could not continue.

The Cybelle Planète association works in partnership with researchers from several research institutes. These analyze the information collected at sea. We can guarantee that participation is useful ecovolunteers.

The association

Cybelle Planète is a participatory ecology Association. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to take concrete action in favor of biodiversity. Our businesses are divided along two axes:

  • Eco-volunteering: A way of ecological and solidarity travel,
  • Participatory Science: A network divers and eco-citizen boaters:

Dates and prices

Dates: July and August 2011 - Price: One week: € 950 *

* This participation entitles you to a tax deduction of 66% (for an individual). So this project really cost only € 323.

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